Keep Screen ON LITE : A smarter way to keep your screen on

Are you fed up of your smartphone’s screen turning off? Here’s the app that will solve your problem : Keep Screen ON LITE.

Most of the current Android devices have additional sensors to turn off the screen when it’s not in use, but sometimes this doesn’t work so well.

This app use a completely different way to detect when to turn off the screen, in fact this app is using the accelerometer to check if the device is on the table or in your hands.

The main screen if very simple with just a ON and OFF button.

The TEST section holds an icon that is green when the app detect that the screen should stay on and grey when it should turn off.

The BASIC section will let you decide if you want to start the app on boot and if you want to hide the icon in the notifications bar:

The RANGE is a very important setting to decide which range of angles will keep the screen on:

The ACCURACY give you the possibility to decide how much precise the sensor need to be.

Let’s try it and let us know what do you think!

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