Fake iPhone 5 : Trick your friends into thinking you have the new iPhone 5.

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Here’s a launcher that will make your Android smartphone looks like an iPhone 5 : Fake iPhone 5.

Did you ever want to trick your friends into thinking you have the new iPhone 5? Would you like to surprise them to see iOS 6 on an Android phone? This is the app for you!

This app is not just a screenshot like many of the other apps on Google Play. This app is a proper launcher!

The icons are very similar to the ones on iPhone 5 and when you tap on them the launcher will automatically open the equivalent app on Android.

After you installed you need to press the Home button and from the popup window select iPhone 5 then Always:


This will make Fake iPhone 5 your default launcher.


The launcher will show all the installed apps split into multiple screens and you can swipe to left/right to change screen.

The Menu button will open the Settings. This will allow you to change wallpaper, reset to the default wallpaper or explore advanced settings available for the app.

The Advanced menu will let you:

  • Refresh App List : if you installed new apps and you can’t see them.
  • Switch Launcher : if you want to go back to your previous launcher.
  • Use 5 Rows (iPhone 5) / Use 4 Rows (iPhone 4S) : let you decide how many icons will be displayed for each screen.
  • Send Feedback : if you want to send suggestions to the author.
  • Send Debug Report : if you want to submit a bug report. This will also help to get more of the default app icons working on your device.
  • About : Will open Google Play for Fake iPhone 5



Let’s try it and surprise your friends!


Here’s the link to download the app:

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2 comments on “Fake iPhone 5 : Trick your friends into thinking you have the new iPhone 5.

  1. michael

    how can i download it to my android phone using my computer???

    • megasoft78

      Why would you like to do it?
      Can’t you just install from Google Play? Check the link above! :)

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