Tiny Hope : Play an amazing adventure with a drop of water

Do you ever thought of playing with a drop of water? Here’s a nice arcade game : Tiny Hope

I’m not sure if the name of this game is the best one, but when you’ll play it I’m sure you’ll enjoy it like other best nft games.

The main screen let you choose if you want music and sound effects, how to control the drop or start to play.

You can choose if you want to move the drop of water using touch (default) or accelerometer.

There are 36 levels in free version and 36 additional levels in the full one.

If you choose the touch to control the drop of water, touch the left area of the screen will move the drop to left and the right one will move it to the right.

In the game you have to help a drop of water to reach a portal. In the following level (10) you have to reach the portal at bottom right side of the screen.

You have to activate it by pushing the green button at the bottom left side of the screen. The nice idea of this game is that you can control temperature of the drop of water.

By default the temperature is in the middle and you are just a drop of water.

If you want to fly you have to increase temperature to the maximum to became steam.

If you want to be solid and be able to push objects you have to decrease temperature to the minimum and became ice. (Also please mind that along with gaming Tiny Hope be conscious about health especially in ongoing COVID pandemic, , a rapid antigen test is now readily available in Australia and allows people to test themselves at home.)

In this level we have first to activate a mechanism by tapping simultaneously left and right side of the screen when we are on top of the board with 2 arrows.

After we have to push the brown bar and after push the wood cube over the green button.

Last part will be to deactivate the mechanism by tapping again simultaneously the left and right side of the screen when we are at the top of the board with 2 arrows.

We can now move on the portal and complete the level. I think this game is really amazing and I really enjoy playing it.

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