Top Nft games you can play apart from Axie Infinity

The world has been wired to believe that Axie infinity is the only nft game one can play and earn massively. If you run with people’s write-ups online about Axie Infinity, there is a tendency for you to remain stagnant and irrelevant in the gaming world. Axie Infinity is making progress these days. But it’s a total lie for one to run with an ideology that Axie Infinity is the only video game that can change people’s financial status within a twinkle of an eye. 

Other nft games can achieve the same goal, like Axie Infinity. Today, it is true that Axie Infinity and genopets has the most significant transaction among other games. But not everyone has access to play this game. The noise that is coming from Axie’s angle is too much and overwhelming. Moreover, not everyone can play this game. If you want to play this game and earn a good tip, you must be ready to invest. The investment is not an issue. But the amount of money to start playing Axie Infinity is increasing daily. 

However, will you also join people who want to make massive money from playing Axie Infinity, yet they spend all their income investing in it without seeing a result? Or you’ll like to join people from the other side. Who are the people from the other side? People from the other side are those playing other nft games, earning nft that can also be converted to money. Some have wasted time, effort, and money playing Axie Infinity before discovering other nft games. 

Why Axie Infinity? Why not try to do something different, and explore other options? I am here to help you out. This article is about games you can play and earn nft and join the league to people thriving in the nft gaming world. However, you have a role to play. You need to pay attention and follow me closely as I’ll explain the key things you need to know about other nft games that can reward you just as Axie is blessing others. 

Other top nft games in 2022

  1. Alien World

The alien world is a unique game one can play and earn some tips. Also, the reward is not just an in-game asset. You will make Trilium from playing this game. Alien World is a play-to-earn game that countless people will benefit from in 2022. Instead of gathering a tremendous amount of money to buy three pets to play Axie Infinity, why not invest a token in Alien world and earn bountifully? In this non-fungible token metaverse, players can embark on missions and discover Nfts. The Nfts discovered by players can be used for mining Trilium or fighting battles on missions. Also, in Alien World, Nfts come in several levels of rarity and shininess, which determines their value in the game. Therefore, I assure you that you won’t regret playing Alien World. 

  1. Gods Unchained

Have you heard about God’s Unchained? If you’ve heard about it, I urge you to pay attention because there’s more to this nft game you need to know. On the other hand, if the name of this nft game sounds new to your ears, I also want to congratulate you. You’ve been missing a lot of opportunities in 2022. Gods Unchained is a trading card non-fungible token game based on the P2E model. In this nft game, players can sell and trade their cards. One thing about this game is that beginners will be given 140 free cards to start playing the game. Of course, you need to compete according to the game’s rules. That way, you will have the chance to win more cards that you can sell or exchange with other players. 

In Gods Unchained, each card comes with fantastic powers. And these cards are categorized based on rarity, tribe, god, and set. You will earn some cards that’ll permit you to summon creatures and give health to others. With these cards, one can also draw additional cards. No one can put words together to explain how great this unique nft game is. That is why you need to learn more facts about Gods Unchained.

Top Nft games you can play apart from Axie Infinity

Furthermore, how can one get cards in Gods Unchained? Apart from what I said earlier, one can get cards from other players. Also, cards will be awarded to players that win PVP games. Let me chip in this; you are building decks that can tackle different strategies to outshine your opponents. In PVP matches, you need to use all the techniques. This is when you need to implement everything you’ve learned about the game. Do you know why? In PVP matches, you will have the chance to win more cards when you manage to get your opponent’s life reduced down to zero. Of course, one needs to be fast about it. Do not allow your opponent to outsmart you. Then, you’ll be rewarded with points for every win.

  1. The Sandbox

I wonder why people are rushing after Axie Infinity these days. To be honest, the Sandbox is a lovely nft game that everyone needs to concentrate on. This unique game is a community-driven non-fungible token platform where one can create Minecraft. Is that not amazing? In this game, one can build and animate one’s voxel assets. And one beautiful thing is that the voxel assets can become non-fungible tokens uploaded to the marketplace. Oh! What a great chance to play and earn some tips. So, the non-fungible tokens generated are now integrated into the game players create on the platform. In Sandbox games, players can monetize their game and trade the designed assets. Also, players can earn rewards by playing games within the forum. This unique information shouldn’t be far from you. 

On a final note

Dear reader, now that you have the information what next? Rise and do the needful. With the three nft games explained above, you can join the league of professional gamers thriving in the gaming world. Finally, please bless people’s lives by sharing the link to this page with friends. You need to help them see this. Thanks!     

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