Top NFT games for professional gamers in 2022

How will it sound to you if I tell you that the game industry is moving forward? There’s no gainsaying about the fact that the game industry has taken a step higher. Gone are the days when people make tips from playing video games. But now, people are more focused, and their attention is not shifted from moving with the cloud. How do I mean? 

Do you know there are games professional gamers are playing in 2022? Do you also want to join the league of professional gamers? Do you want to move with the trend in the gaming world? Do you want to remain relevant in the gaming world? 

You already know the answer to the above questions. Yes! It’s all about the nft games you’ve once heard about. But I need to tell you this; nft games are also moving with the cloud. As people develop different innovations across industries, nft games are also progressing. 

Oh! You’re wondering why you don’t know that the gaming industry is flying. Not all web pages will take you through that fact. Therefore, I urge you to consider what I’m about to reveal here. Hence, you have a role to play. Please sit back, stay focused and follow me closely. Please, make sure you’re not missing a line in this write-up. 

Before we proceed, let us briefly discuss the meaning of nft games.

What are nft games?

For clarity, nft means non-fungible tokens. So, nft games are video games one can play and earn nft. The nft reward can be exchanged with other users or players. Also, the nft given as a bonus from playing these video games can be converted to money. That’s the exciting part. Having known the meaning of nft games, I need to tell you how it works. Nft games combine traditional gaming design and non-traditional gaming mechanisms centered on non-fungible tokens. These video games incorporate non-fungible tokens in their rules and user interactions. Let me break it down a bit. The items one finds in-game may be non-fungible tokens that one can collect. Also, one can swap nfts with other players with the same currency. 

More importantly, one can also find P2E nft games that permit players to earn an income by playing. I mentioned that earlier. In nft games, players are open to receiving tokens and can get more money as long as they play. Therefore, you’ll earn more cryptocurrency the more you play. Let me chip in this that; most of these games require an upfront investment. Before one can access some of these games, one must have some money to invest. You’ll get to know more about this as you read on.

Top non-fungible games to play in 2022

I said earlier that if you want to earn the same money some people are earning via playing games, you need to prepare yourself and get ready to move with the trend. In the previous years, some nft games ruled the world, and people made it massively from those games. But now, in 2022, you need to know what is happening in the nft gaming world. There are countless of these video games. But it’s up to you to pick the best. Hence, here are the top nft games you should play in 2022;

Top NFT games for professional gamers in 2022
  1. Axie Infinity 

Have you heard about Axie Infinity? If you’ve heard about it, there’s more to it that you need to know. And if at this point, your answer is No, then you should be the one to shun all distractions right now. Axie Infinity is one of the leading nft games that professional gamers are playing in 2022.

 I can’t put into writings the total number of people that have benefited from playing this video game. As of today, this unique nft game has close to 2.8 million daily active users. Can you imagine that? You don’t need other proof to get convinced that this game is what you need to consider playing. 

How does Axie Infinity work? In this game, the first step as a player is getting your three digital pets. Those pets are called Axies. Of course, you’ll need to buy those axies from people that have them. So, after getting your axies, then you need to raise them. Each axies leaves its genetic imprint on its descendants. They pass down their features, weaknesses, and strengths. So, players must form a rare breed of axies with the most fantastic traits to get a love price for them on the Ethereum non-fungible token marketplace. 

Why do you need to start playing this game in 2022? According to this unique game’s website, the most expensive Axie ever was sold for two hundred and eighty thousand dollars. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine the amount of money you will likely make by playing this game? Today, the transactions going on in Axie Infinity world is close to 3.6 billion dollars. Isn’t that amazing? 

  1. Alien worlds 

In 2022, if you don’t play Axie Infinity, you should play Alien worlds. Alien worlds is another major nft game that changed several people’s lives in 2022. This fantastic game has over 1.1 million active users. If you play this game according to its in-game rules, you will earn Trilium. So, what are you going to use Trilium for? Trilium is used to gain access to the planet DAOs. In this game, players can also embark on missions and discover non-fungible tokens which can be used for mining Trilium. Also, the nft can be used for fighting while on missions. The alien world is the next game trending in 2022 after Axie Infinity. So, if you can’t afford to get three pets to start playing Axie Infinity, you can try Alien world today, and you’ll be glad you did. 

Final world

In 2022, if it is not Axie Infinity and Alien world, you’re not moving with what is trending in the nft gaming world. There are countless play-to-earn games today. But I assure you that you’ll thank me later if you adhere to the information given here. Do you want to earn something tangible from playing video games? Then, try to play Axie Infinity and Alien world.   

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