How to run Android 4.3 on your PC using VirtualBox

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Today I’ll explain how to install the latest Android 4.3 on your PC using VirtualBox.

VirtualBox is an open source virtualization software that allows you to emulate a real computer. In this case it will be a x86-based computer.

We need first to install it. You can download installation at the following link:

It’s available for different platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Download the right package based on your OS.



As soon as you download and install it, you can move to download the Android 4.3’s image for x86 available at the following link:




In order to run Android 4.0+ you need to enable Intel VT-X or AMD-V in your bios configuration.


Now you need to open VirtualBox and create a new virtual machine. Click on New:



Fill the following fields:

  • Name : Android 4.3 (or any name you like)
  • Type : Linux
  • Version : 2.6



Click Next to move to the next page of the wizard and set the Memory to, at least, 1024MB (1GB) :



Click Next to all the other wizard’s pages leaving the default values. At the end of the wizard you’ll see something like this:



Now click on Settings and under Storage you need to select the iso file you downloaded before and click Ok.



You can now click on Start to boot the machine and after few seconds it will show the following screen. You need to select Installation and press Enter.



It’s now time to create a partition. Press Enter on Create/Modify partitions:



Now choose Primary, leave it the default size and press Enter.



We’ll make the partition bootable by pressing Enter when Bootable is selected. If the operation worked you’ll see under the Flags column the value Boot.



Using the Right Key move until Write and press Enter. It will ask to confirm and you’ll answer Yes. After it finish to write the partition you move to Quit using the Right Key and press Enter.

You have created the partition and now you can press Enter to use it to install Android.



You need to choose partition type ext3



It will ask you to confirm and you’ll reply Yes. It also will ask if you want to install GRUB and choose again Yes.



It will ask if you want to install /system directory as read/write and again Yes.

You finally installed Android 4.3 on your virtual machine. It’s time to run it!



The first time it will take some time to boot, but starting from the second time it’ll be faster.

Here we can finally see our Android 4.3 running. You’ll need to right click on the button below and select Disable Mouse Integration to see where you are tapping.



You can now follow the standard Android wizard and you’ll see Android 4.3 running on your PC.

Here some screenshots of Android 4.3 running:







Unfortunately some app/game do not work in this x86 version for various reasons, but you should be fine with the most common app choices.

That’s it! :)


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63 comments on “How to run Android 4.3 on your PC using VirtualBox

  1. Kevin

    Excellent, and thanks.

  2. Scott Harris

    I followed the directions exactly as stated but I can’t get the internet to work on it.

    • megasoft78

      It’s really strange. Which OS are you using? Did the procedure to install Virtualbox went well? It’s maybe a problem in there.

      • Eehmm… I am using windows, but after I have pressed ‘installation – Install Android-x86 to harddisk’ it gives me a black screen with a bunch of stuff in it, and at the bottom it says ‘rebooting in 60 seconds’. HELP?!

        • jose

          Probably you don’t have a processor with the extensions needed to run the android 4.x. I saw some similar message trying to emulate win8.1

    • CompTech

      before you have internet connection is to ping your ip address first
      in the terminal emulator which most computer don’t refresh the network quite often……

      • ajit

        can u explain it further i can’t run internet

        • megasoft78

          I tested on Ubuntu 12.04 and internet is working fine.
          During the Android wizard, have you skip to select the WiFi connection?
          You don’t need WiFi because it use ethernet.
          If it doesn’t work you should check your VirtualBox network configuration.

  3. Richard

    Mine does not want to save my last session and looks really low resolution. Is their a way to make it looks better in full screen?

  4. Martin Huusfeldt

    Weird now is tested in both win 7 and 8 same problem TSC FAILED.
    Tested on 3 different machines???
    and then I get some weird pop-ups with 32/24 bit issue, cant change to 24 bit just not possible, Same with mouse pointer intergration?
    I get to installation then it just starts over again You need to select Installation and press Enter.
    Are you 100% sure the rest has to be default setting it seem strange to me, and or
    Seems im not the only one with issues

    • megasoft78

      I tested again from scratch and it’s working for me.
      I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 64bit and the latest VirtualBox.
      I’ll try to test it on Windows 7/8.

      • megasoft78

        Can you check you have Intel VT-X or AMD-V enabled in your bios configuration?
        You need that to run Android 4.0+.

  5. Saitu 282

    I tried this installation on Windows 8 64 bit And after I follow all your directions, I reach the point where we need to select “Installation”. I select it, and then a black screen turns up with “Loading Kernel” on it…. Then, after it scrolls down with more writing, suddenly, everything grinds to a halt, and it says “Kernel Panic-Not Syncing: Attempting to kill the idle task!”
    And then, “Rebooting in 60 seconds”. Then, finally, it takes me back to the point where I need to select “Installation” I removed the virtual machine and started from the beginning again numerous times. But with the same result. what can I do to correct this? Could the ISO image file be corrupt? I downloaded it through the chrome browser and the download took about 1 hour to complete. I’ll try redownloading it.

    Also, I keep getting a pop up telling me “The virtual machine is optimized to work in 32 bit colour mode, but the virtual display is currently set to 24 bit. Please open the display properties dialog of guest os, and select 32 bit” What do I do to counter this?

    • megasoft78

      I need a bit of time to try my procedure on Windows 8. It’s working perfectly on Ubuntu 12.04! :)
      I’ll let you know!

      • megasoft78

        I did a bit of investigation and to run Android 4.0+ you need to enable Intel VT-X or AMD-V in your bios configuration.

        • Karl1983

          Hello. This might be a silly question, is this setting required in the virtual machine or on the actual computer running virtualbox?

    • alecto

      Reboot computer>Enter bios>Find “Intel VT” and enable it>Save and exit.

    • Yoseph Solomon

      The problem is not the colour mode. It is Hyper-V. Uninstall Hyper-V and it will work fine

  6. Chris

    Yeah I tried this on a Windows 7 64x machine – same results – “Kernel Panic-Not Syncing: Attempting to kill the idle task!” And then, “Rebooting in 60 seconds”

    • megasoft78

      I did a bit of investigation and to run Android 4.0+ you need to enable Intel VT-X or AMD-V in your bios configuration.

  7. kshitij joshi

    Excellent.. Everything works like a charm.. :) but how do i access the ‘/’ i.e. root directory.. ?? where is it located on my hard drive? also where is the location of its sd card??

    • megasoft78

      AFAIK you can’t access directly to the storage. You can anyway install a file manager.
      Open Google Play and search for File Manager. I tested the first one in the list and it seems to work fine.
      If you want to copy a files to your computer you can install DropBox or a similar service.

  8. Sharonhazra

    This process will work on Windows 7 32 bit…………??

    • megasoft78

      I never test it but it should work on any platform supported by VirtualBox.
      You need anyway to check if your CPU support Intel VT-X or AMD-V.

      • Sharonhazra

        It can run all the games……..such as temple run 2 or subway surfers……..???

        • megasoft78

          no it can’t run all the games because some of them use native code compiled for ARM architecture. You are running Android on x86 architecture.

          • Sharonhazra

            Its stuck at the loading screen “android”………??? What will i do….???

          • megasoft78

            Does your CPU support Intel VT-X or AMD-V?
            If it doesn’t it will never work! I’m sorry! :(

  9. charlyarg

    works perfect in vbox in win8 pro. thanks!

  10. Matlevo12

    Intel Vtx is enabled but I still get the kernel panic error… any idea ?

    Thanks !

  11. Jerry

    Excellent instructions! It installed perfectly on Windows 7 64 bit.
    Only thing not working is wifi. It does not find any wlan. I have Windows XP and Ubuntu installed in the same virtualbox and they access the internet. Any suggestions as to how to enable interne access?

    • megasoft78

      are you talking about Android wizard? You just skip that step because the WiFi is emulated by VirtualBox.

  12. Jerry

    Solution is very simple.
    You need to go into the android tablet settings, select wifi and click to turn it on. Then it works just fine.

  13. Pavan

    Doesn’t work, i am getting “kernel panic – not syncing” error and it seems there is no proper solution from both virtualbox and android-x86 teams.

    I am running virtualbox 4.2.18r on windows 7, 32-bit.

    Any recommendation for working solution would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

    • megasoft78

      Your CPU need to support Intel VT-X or AMD-V in order to run Android on VirtualBox. If your CPU support it you have to enable it in your bios configuration. :)

  14. Aryan

    failed to open a session for virtual machine
    failed to load
    this are the messages am getting when i start. can u help me resolve this

    • megasoft78

      Hi Aryan,
      is VirtualBox properly installed?
      Does your CPU have support for Intel VT-X or AMD-V?
      What OS are you using?

  15. Tovi Sheqi

    Internet works but play store does not work

    • megasoft78

      What’s happening? Is it crashing?

  16. Dip

    Guys I know what amd-v is.
    I have it enabled.
    I have virtualbox 4.3 properly installed.
    windows 7 32bit
    downloaded the proper iso.
    enabled hardware acceleration (amd-v) in virtual machine settings.
    still nothing happens. the screen keeps returning to the 1st installation selection position.
    tried several times.

    • megasoft78

      I’m sorry but I’m not sure it will work on AMD. :(

  17. Hova

    Hi Can this be work on Windows 7 64bit
    or is there one for 64bit or will there be

  18. Chris

    Works Amazingly. Great Job!!

  19. Yoseph Solomon

    If you want it to work on windows 8+, uninstall Hyper-V

  20. Laraib

    Its stuck at the loading screen “android”………??? What will i do….???
    I enabled “Intel Virtualization Technology” but same thing again. :(

    • megasoft78

      Maybe your processor doesn’t support Virtualization.
      I’m sorry! :(

  21. how to install apps on it

  22. Frank

    Can you tell me, which network settings in virtualbox have to be done?
    Thx from germany :-)

    • megasoft78

      I think it was native. You can try all of them a see which one work! :)

  23. vengatesh

    ple help this prob—-“Kernel Panic-Not Syncing: Attempting to kill the idle task!” And then, “Rebooting in 60 seconds”

    • vengatesh

      how to solve

      • megasoft78

        I’m sorry but I don’t know! :(

  24. Frank

    Me again :-) Where can I change the resolution of the virtual machine?
    I didn’t find it in the settings.


    • megasoft78

      I’m sorry but I don’t think is easy to do it. :(

  25. romin

    each time i open it i have to install the android again and again please help

    • megasoft78

      Did you unmount Android-x86 iso file?
      If you don’t it will ask for install every time.

  26. Gamer™

    Hi, I have a problem, I installed a few games but no one does not open, I appear as “Sorry, aplcatia closed” to other games there is no a mesa, but simply out ..
    What could be the problem?

  27. blbla black man

    I was having the same problem with the virtuabox rebooting at the android x86 installation screen until i closed the virtuabox at that screen and saved at the prompt and then restarted the virtuabox. Now i can create a partion.

  28. blbla black man

    I was having the same problem with the virtuabox rebooting at the android x86 installation screen until i closed the virtuabox at that screen and saved at the prompt and then restarted the virtuabox. Now i can create a partion.

    Also i used the tab button and hit enter this help to show the create partion screen. I did it several times. I also installed under administrator account that worked for me too.

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