Amaze your friends with Hollywood special effects into your own videos

Today I’ll talk about an app that give you the possibility to include Hollywood like special effects in your own videos : FxGuru: Movie FX Direct.

Did you ever wish to amaze your friends with some really cool special effects in your own videos?

Until now it was pretty difficult to do that and required a lot of time and effort, but now with this new app it is easy and fast. You have to do just a series of small steps to obtain a nice result.

After you install and run the app you’ll see a very basic user interface. You can start creating a new project using Start button.

You can get some help with the ? symbol and with the other 2 buttons you can see the existing videos or setup your settings.

Now we select Start and we will have the possibility to choose between 7 different special effects. Here’s one about Android! 

At this point we select Start and we will record a new video the same length of the special effect we selected.

As soon as we finish to record the video we need to position the special effect where we want.

The last step is to generate the combined video.

When the video creation is completed we can share it with our friends on Facebook.

The special effects are really realistic and I think using it to enhance your real-world environment is going to make everything look really cool.

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