The Emergence and Incredible Growth of Axie Infinity in the Gaming World

If you are still not aware of the booming trend of play-to-earn games, you must have been living in the underworld. Recently, both old and young folks with great cravings for playing video games are converting their passion into money with the emergence of play-to-earn games.

Gone are the days when gamers do it just for fun and pleasure. Now, it has become a means of earning income to serve daily needs sufficiently. More than that, you can make a good fortune with play-to-earn games if you take your time to study how it works and invest big in it.

 What an excellent opportunity for the unemployed and part-time workers. Little wonder, even the gainfully employed folks are quitting their jobs to resume playing videos games full-time.

The axie gaming is presently leading in the play-to-earn gaming industry by a wide margin. It is the most famous crypto-compatible play-to-earn game in the world. That is not what I heard; I am telling you based on facts and figures derived from my findings.

Axie Infinity Has Expanded He NFT Marketplaces 

In reality, Axie Infinity is one of the significant reasons the NFT and Defi marketplaces have gained so much hype and recognition, consequently leading to massive traffic and more profits. Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-compatible game that helps gamers earn cryptocurrency in the form of tokens. Because the game allows gamers to make real-life money, it has become the talk of the town amidst young gamers looking for ways to multiply their source of income.

It is not hyperbole saying that Axie Infinity is played almost everywhere globally. People are active participants in the Axie infinity universe, even in the less developed countries. 

Is Axie Infinity that popular? Of course, it is. 

A different class of people from every part of the world are becoming active members of the Axie Infinity community. Presently, Axie Infinity boats more than 300,000 days. That increase was about 30x of the figure we had when this year began. Since the developer launched the play-to-earn game in 2018, the Axie community has practically recorded a consistently increased growth every year. 

In the beginning, it looked just hype. But presently, everyone seems interested in the game. However, some critics probed why Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity, had to spend three years building the crypto-based play-to-earn game. Well, what we are seeing presently, plus the expected future of this game, is enough answer.

The Incredible Growth of Axie Infinity   

Aside from the ever-increasing numbers of participants, Axie infinity has recorded more growth in their discord. Since his massive growth has gone parabolic, the game has emerged as one of the biggest Discord servers in the world.

Based on personal research, Axie Infinity has been generating mouth-watering revenue since the first month it was launched. In January this year, Axie’s revenue generated more than $100,000. Of course, that might not be an impressive amount for a company’s monthly revenue. But, it is incredible for a video game. This year July, Axie Infinity’s revenue exceeded $25 million! That’s the growth I’m talking about.

Suppose you compare Axie infinity with other crypto-compatible play-to-earn games in terms of revenue generation. In that case, you will see how much Axie Infinity is leading in the industry. 

As much as Axie Infinity dominates the play-to-earn gaming world, it is alarming that not many people are talking about the growth. 

What are the factors contributing to the incredible growth?

Most young folks worldwide have considered Axie Infinity a credible and easy way to earn a fortune. If you reside in developing countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, and the likes, you will have many friends and family members playing Axie Infinity. 

Though Axie Infinity is more prevalent in the Philippines and Vietnam, the game’s growth is not limited o a particular part of the world. 

What brought the growth is not a geographical location. Instead, it is a rare opportunity to earn crypto, the newly emerging digital currency. Of course, many play-to-earn games allow you to make Ethereum while sitting at the comfort of your home enjoying the pleasure of a video game. But, Axie Infinity is the pioneer.

Axie Infinity is the first game with the play-to-earn crypto initiative. Since the inception of Axie Infinity, the play-to-earn business has become acceptable as a new income generation model in different parts of the world. This new business model has created an open economy both within and outside the game. As a result, the game continues to flourish as much as the players participating gain financial benefits. Learn more about Axie Infinity scholarship programme application.

Presently, the Axie Infinity community players can earn up to $30 – $50 in digital assets in 24 hours. As a player, you can make money b selling your earned Smooth love Potions (SLPs) and Axies. To earn SLPs, you will have to win battles or complete different levels of challenges. 

Completing daily tasks and winning battles are fundamental ways of making money in Axie Infinity and are also the primary activities of the game. You can sell your SLPs on different decentralized exchange platforms. You can also be a great advantage if you sell when the dollar rises. That way, you can make more money in a single transaction by selling your tokens on an open market.

Another way you can earn big in Axie Infinity is to use your tokens o breed more Axies. To do that, you need some amount of SLPs, which can vary depending on the number of times you have the parent Axies to breed. You can reproduce Axies seven times, and you can sell the babies on an open market for new participants who wants to build a starter team of three Axies. 

Because Axie Infinity is constantly recording numbers of new participants, you can be sure of selling your Axies anytime. 

Final Words 

Axie Infinity has become an effective means of earning reasonable income amongst younger folks. If you live in countries where cryptocurrency is regarded as an official legal tender, playing the game will be advantageous. 

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