Notify Me : Notifications on lockscreen

Do you want to receive notifications directly on your lockscreen? Here’s a nice Open Source app to do that : Notify Me

The first time you open the app you have to enable it through Accessibility Service. Once enabled you can configure which app notifications you’d like to see on the lockscreen.

You just tap on Add an app.

You can now choose the app and setup few settings. You can explore the several options available. Now tap on Save and you have done!

There are few additional preferences available from the main menu (icon with 3 dots at top right side of the screen). You can configure screen timeout, lock orientation, if you want to use sliders instead of buttons and the background color.

You’ll now see all notifications for the apps you configured on your lockscreen.

It’s a nice new way to receive notifications without have to unlock your device! 

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Ubuntu Lockscreen : Bring a bit of Ubuntu Touch in your Android device

Do you want to taste a bit of Ubuntu Touch in your Android device? Here’s a lockscreen very similar to the original one : Ubuntu Lockscreen

Ubuntu Touch is for sure a very promising mobile operative system and it will probably became popular in the long term.

I tried a bit on my Galaxy Nexus and even if it is not mature, it brings some new features that are really nice. The lockscreen is one of them.

Ubuntu Lockscreen brings pretty much the same features to your android device.

The main screen comes with a long list of options to customize it.

The main options are to enable it, change owner info (it’s the name displayed in the lockscreen), choose default home screen, customize animations e music buttons.

You can also choose music player, define a security with a password/pin, enable/disable notifications for each specific app.

When the app is enabled you’ll see it in the notifications bar. If you tap on it you can lock the screen.

Here’s how it look like. You can see a circle and in there it will show your notifications. If you tap on a notification it will bring you automatically to the app of the notification.

At the top you can see date and time and at the bottom the nickname (configured in the owner info) and the battery status.

If you want to unlock you just need to slide from right.

It’s a well done lockscreen and it’s a nice way to customize your Android device.

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