Draw2Dial : Call your contacts by drawing a number on your screen

Do you want to speed up the calls to the most common contacts? Here’s a nice app to call drawing a number : Draw2Dial

Draw2Dial is a smart app to speed up calls.

In the main screen you can Enable the app, automatically enable it on boot, follow a tutorial or test the handwriting.

You can setup which contacts you want in speed dial and which number assigned to each one.

When you enable the app you’ll see a little phone icon on the left side of the screen. You can configure the icon you like, the size and size and color about the brush when you draw the number.

If we long press on the phone icon we can adjust it’s position.


After we setup our contacts we can just tap on the phone icon and draw the number we want to call. The system will detect the handwriting and call automatically the contact.

I think it’s an handy app and it’s nice to call a contact just by drawing a number on the screen.

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eGraffiti Global Graffiti Wall : Draw on a big wall simultaneously with other people

Have you ever wished to draw a graffiti on a wall? What about drawing it simultaneously with other people? Here’s the Android app will let you do it : eGraffiti Global Graffiti Wall.

eGraffiti Global Graffiti Wall is based on a really nice idea. Share a big wall with the other people and let you draw simultaneously with them.

It’s really nice to see people over the world coming from different cultures be able to share so easily something.

Drawing is a universal language and it’ll let you feel part of a community.

The main screen give you the possibility to decide if you want to draw on your own wall or you want to share your drawing skill with all the other players.

When you’ll decide to draw on the global wall you’ll see the current drawing and every change is going to be visible to everyone.

You can draw together with other people and create a community masterpiece! 

The app let you choose different tools to draw like line, circle, rectangle and spray.

Here’s some nice examples of the app in action:

Here’s a demonstration

When you finish your masterpiece you’ll be able to save it and share it with your friends.

Let’s try it. It’s really fun!

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