This is how NFT games work

Long before esports—the competitive video gaming industry—was widely recognized as a legitimate profession, popular NFT games such as ‘Diablo II’ (2000) or ‘Runescape’ (2001) established fully fledged digital economies in which the best players could earn a living simply by being good at the game. Indeed, one of your co-authors, Moritz Baier-Lentz, was able to fund his undergraduate and graduate school by completing in-game tasks and selling the associated prizes for real money—at one time, more effectively than any of the game’s 13 million active players.

However, the early 2000s were a ‘Wild West’ of digital assets, virtual ownership, and online identity—and video game marketplaces and transactions were never completely legitimate or secure, making stories like this one more of a case study in deft individual entrepreneurialism than a viable professional pursuit.

Massive expansion of the gaming industry, based on centralized value systems

Today, about 3 billion people worldwide play video games, and a whole infrastructure has developed around professional gaming, providing enormous chances and money for elite players. The absolute best of them are classified as athletes, earning salaries as team members, sharing in tournament prize money, and demanding expensive sponsorship deals. Others monetize their live broadcasts by gaming on audience sites like as Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

According to BITKRAFT Ventures, video games have grown to a $336 billion business, including a diverse range of software, hardware, and intellectual property. As gaming has evolved to become the world’s biggest media category, surpassing linear television, on-demand entertainment, cinema, and music, it has acquired specific features. Notably, practically all economic activity associated with NFT games is centralized, giving creators and publishers complete control over everything that occurs inside their NFT games. 

The financial reason for this is to collect the billions of dollars created by the sale of in-game content, digital objects, and subscriptions—but it also means that the great majority of players have little opportunities to participate in the value without professionalization.

This traditionally custodial model of ownership and profit sharing has survived as the business has grown—but it may be about to undergo a paradigm shift with the introduction of so-called NFT games. This sort of video game enables players to ‘really’ earn and own digital assets, which they can later sell independently of the game.

Play-to-earn may put gamers’ digital identities, assets, and ownership in their hands.

If people are to devote significant time, attention, and personal resources to digital environments, it is critical to create faith in the permanence of their digital presence and goods—as well as their economic resilience. Early implementations demonstrate that this is indeed possible using blockchain technology, which can assure digital trust and a decentralized storage of value through cryptography.

Blockchain technology is already being used in a wide variety of industries, ranging from banking to art—and video NFT games are no exception. NFT games depend on blockchain technology to create wealth, including in the form of non-fungible tokens (or NFTs). A non-transferable token (NFT) is a digitally protected claim of ownership for a single, non-transferable digital asset. In practice, NFTs may take on a variety of forms inside virtual environments, including people, goods, land, and ornamental customization elements such as digital apparel. Individuals ‘earn’ the most precious things by doing very well in the game and may then sell them for real-world money on their own terms.

The actual revolution is in the decentralized integrity and security of these digital goods, which may now transcend a company’s or even a government’s conventional proprietary, custodial ownership and discretion. For instance, rather than depending on the permission or regulations of publishers or other third parties, in-game resources from pay-to-win games may be freely traded on markets both inside and outside the game.

Numerous communities have cropped up recently, demonstrating the potential for NFT games to help develop a new economy. Notably, the computer game ‘Axie Infinity’ demonstrates that this is more than a pipe dream. The popular play-to-earn ecosystem has grown from 4,000 to 2 million daily active users in a matter of months, with particular traction in the Philippines and Venezuela. For participants in nations such as these in the Global South, the money they may make in the digital realm is significantly more than the revenue they can earn in their local physical economy. Click here for gaming rewards.

Additionally, ancillary scholarship platforms,’ such as Yield Guild Games, that enable and educate players in emerging economies to participate in NFT games, have attracted significant investment and grown to be billion-dollar businesses in a matter of months, eclipsing the value of many of the most popular video games. By globalizing the market for game-based non-financial transactions in this manner, NFT games and their associated platforms demonstrate frictionless economic opportunity and meritocratic participation across regions. It is 2021, and the planet seems to be flatter than it has ever been.

For the time being, it’s worth highlighting that NFT games do not naturally and completely remove the centralization inherent in games: they still need the publisher’s power to define, issue, and regulate the asset that ultimately becomes an NFT. Rather than that, the greatest promise of NFT games is in their ability to decentralize marketplaces for the creation, ownership, and exchange of digital assets, as well as the potential created when these marketplaces are connected to the traditional economy and fiat currencies, allowing players to convert their digital time, effort, and earnings into physical disposable income.

Owning and participating in critical components of these new worlds generates significant financial benefits for those who believed; many of whom will be from developing economies that jumped on the opportunity when it presented itself.

For gamers, the NFT games concept may provide a novel and flexible method of earning money. However, it also represents some of the dangers inherent in the digital economy, which risks generating “people as a service”: employment insecurity, insecure connections between enterprises and employees, and a lack of social safety nets. Given the existing disproportionate representation of freelancers in the creative sector, these are all factors that policymakers must address. Also check: 3D Zombie Ant Smasher Ball Run : Smash the zombie ants

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The history and the advantages of Axie Infinity

You might be wondering the reason why you need to know the history of Axie Infinity. There’s nothing terrible to see the source of what one wants to do. This article aims to establish that Axie Infinity is legit, and everyone should know. I noticed issues are going on about Axie Infinity. Some people are scared of investing in this game. They thought of how possible it is to play the game and earn a reward. However, making a bonus while playing the game is not strange because there are games that will reward you coins and some money that can be used to gain some opportunities or advantages to moving further in the game. But Axie Infinity shocked the world with a severe movement. In Axie Infinity, the reward can be converted to money. Since its inception, several people have been curious to know the history of this unique game. 

Trust me, this article is instructive, and it will help you know some facts about Axie Infinity. Not only that, but this write-up will also increase your zeal for playing this game. I was curious, just like you. Then, I had to do research to know the history of Axie Infinity. Honestly, I found it exciting, and I thought of sharing the record with you. Therefore, I want to urge you to pay attention to the details provided here. You will surely see something unique and tangible about Axie Infinity.

The history of Axie Infinity

It is no more news that Sky Mavis created this incredible movement that is blessing people’s lives today. You might have heard about Sky Mavis before. Sky Mavis developed axie Infinity and Pokémon-inspired it. Furthermore, this game was created by many players who have once played an NFT game. Virtually all the members who came together to create Axie Infinity met while playing Cryptokitties.  Cryptokitties is a popular NFT game then. These players identified and set out to cure a vital flaw in the Web2 gaming model. They decided to look for a way out because the rewards from games like Fortnite are strictly meant for the designers. So, they gathered together and thought about strategizing and looking for a way out.

Furthermore, they noticed that reward and the in-game assets were merely rented from the platform. And those rewards are not owned by users. Users do not own them; they are not freely tradable. 

One thing that pushed them out of those games was that the creators could wipe off the in-game asset if an account were banned. So, they began to think about how to handover the virtual world to the users. Then, they came across Axie. Axie helps them hand the virtual world’s keys to the users. Axie will also allow players or users to modify the digital topography. This unique tool also helps maintain complete dominion over their mathematical scare assets with their P2E structure. Therefore, the movement began, and it penetrated nations of the world. Axie Infinity started in 2018, and it has become popular in some developing countries. Today, there are some countries where no one can trick them with sweet mouths about Axie Infinity. They already know everything about this game. In fact, citizens in countries like Argentina, the Philippines, and Venezuela are familiar with Axie Infinity. They are making it big. The range at which people invest in playing this game in the above-listed countries is beyond expression.

Dear reader, I want you to know that the creation of Axie Infinity was born out of a real burden on how to create something different and unique. I mean, something that will change the world for real. The developers thought of creating a game that players will have access to their rewards. When I read through the history, I had to give kudos to them.

Advantages of Axie Infinity

  1. Fun: This exceptional game comes with so much fun. The pleasure attached to playing this game is beyond what one can put into writing. If you want to measure the fun you will get while playing this game, you need to strive hard to have an account. 

The fun is beyond expression. I didn’t believe that the pleasure of playing this game was absolute until I saw countless reviews online about this awesome game. In fact, someone said the fun is what he admires most. If you are looking forward to playing a game with so much fun, then this game is what you need to consider. I want to assure you that the fun you’ll get will be greater than what you’ve read about. 

  1. The reward is real: Axie Infinity is one of the games that tip is accurate. Unlike some other play-to-earn games, this game is quite different. Some games will trick you by promising you that there’s a reward. And when you play them, you will see that the tip is only meant for you to have some advantage within the game. If you play some games, the reward will appear in the form of coins, and you can only use those coins to buy things that will only be useful in the game.
  1. On the other hand, the game we are talking about here is different. The rewards can be converted to money. And because of this, Axie has been at the top of the list of all NFT games. It is a game that has changed many lives. This unique game was created to improve people’s financial status.

Closing thought

With this write-up, I believe those that are still contemplating investing in this game will go ahead and do the needful. You don’t need any other information again. This article aims at informing you about the history of this unique game. Finally, I want to assure you that I am always open to receiving and answering questions regarding this topic. So, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box if you have any. Also checkout: Minesweeper : Old style logic game 

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Are there any risks or side effects to Femto lasik?

As with traditional lasik, there are risks associated with Femto lasik, and people with certain characteristics or conditions may not be candidates for the procedure. Depending on the profession, approval for refractive surgery may be required, or the procedure may be prohibited, due to a scarcity of long-term data.

There are risks associated with Femto lasik, just as there are with any surgical procedure. Every eye surgery lasik entails the risk of the following outcomes: 

  • therapy may be ineffective or may not assist at all 
  • irreversible vision loss
  • decreased effectiveness over time; persistent vision symptoms such as haloes around lights

Complications associated with Femto lasik surgery are listed below.

Femto lasik patients may also experience some complications that are unique to this procedure. These are some examples:

  • An opaque bubble layer (OBL) is formed when gas bubbles build in the flap, interfering with the capacity of the laser to function correctly.
  • Light sensitivity syndrome (TLSS) is a disorder that may occur a few days or a few weeks after surgery and result in excessive sensitivity to light as well as visual difficulties. Topical steroids may be used to alleviate the symptoms of this condition.
  • “Rainbow glare” is a phrase that means “rainbow glare.” A small number of flaws on the back of the flap generated after surgery are the source of this condition. When looking at a white light source, it can result in the appearance of colored bands of light in the field of vision, which can be distracting.

What to Expect Following Femto lasik Surgery

Following your Femto lasik surgery, you may experience the following side effects:

Light sensitivity; halos or glare around lights; redness or bloodshot eyes; mild pain, burning, itching, or irritation; watering or tearing; watering or tearing

Because these symptoms will usually last a few days, you may want to take some time off from work during this time period.


Your doctor should provide you with advice on how to care for yourself and recuperate, which may include the following:

In order to avoid scratching or rubbing your eye and dislodging the flap, you will be required to wear an eye shield for the first 24 to 48 hours following surgery.

Your surgeon will remove the eye shields and examine your eyesight during a follow-up visit 24 to 48 hours following your operation, during which time you will be asked to return.

  • You may be given eye drops to take home with you in order to avoid infection or inflammation of the eyes.
  • It will be taught to you that you should not use contact lenses on the operational eye, even if your vision is hazy after the procedure.
  • For the first two weeks after surgery, you should refrain from using lotions, creams, and cosmetics.
  • In addition, your doctor will urge you to refrain from engaging in vigorous activities such as non-contact sports and other strenuous activities for one to three days after the treatment.
  • Swimming or using a hot tub should be avoided for one to two weeks after the procedure.
  • You should avoid participating in contact sports and other vigorous activities for at least four weeks after your operation.
  • During the first few months after surgery, it is possible that your eyesight may continue to vary. It might take anywhere between three and six months to see the full results of the surgery.
  • During the first six months after your surgery, your surgeon should arrange frequent follow-up appointments with you.

Getting Ready for Femto lasik

Before having Femto lasik surgery, you should visit with your surgeon to discuss your expectations, any risks involved, and the outcomes you want to achieve. Your surgeon should discuss realistic expectations, risks, and expenses associated with the surgery with you before it is performed. When using contact lenses, you may be required to remove them for a period of 1-3 weeks, depending on the kind of lenses you are wearing.

Prior to the day of your treatment, your surgeon will do a thorough examination and scan of your eyeball. This scan will be used to direct the laser during the procedure.

You should consult with your employer to ensure that your employment responsibilities will not preclude you from undergoing refractive surgery. Consider the cost of the treatment, any insurance coverage or discounts that may be available, and how you intend to pay for the surgery as part of your research.

Always make sure you have someone who can drive you to and from the treatment on hand. You will also be instructed to refrain from wearing cosmetics, creams, or lotions in the vicinity of your eyes for at least one day prior to your procedure. Click here to know what to avoid after lasik?

Smile and PRK vs. Femtosecond Laser

There are various different kinds of refractive operations, and each has significant variations that distinguish it from the others. It is the purpose of each surgery to use a laser to reshape the cornea in order to correct visual impairments. The method by which the cornea is reached varies depending on the surgery.

Instead of removing the whole top layer of the cornea as in standard lasik surgery, a flap is created in this procedure. This flap is created by cutting a very small hole using a mechanical device.

  • In Femto labsik, a flap is formed, but instead of using a cutting instrument, a laser is used to do this.
  • During a PRK procedure, the top layer of the cornea is removed entirely.
  • SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a procedure that is identical to Femto lasik, except that the laser incises a smaller surface area.

The bottom line is as follows:

Procedures for vision correction, such as lasik, photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), implantable collamer lens (ICL), and clear lens exchange (CLE), can be beneficial in achieving and maintaining optimal eye health. We at Personal Eyes believe that high-quality eye and vision care should be provided to everyone and should be accessible and affordable. 

Because it uses a laser rather than a mechanical cutting tool to create a small flap in the surface of the eye, Femto lasik can heal more quickly and result in fewer complications than traditional lasik. Femto lasik is becoming increasingly popular.

The ultimate objective is to use a laser to reshape the cornea in order to correct visual disorders such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. The risks of these procedures are the same as those of any other procedure. Additionally, these procedures are expensive and are rarely covered by insurance.

Before undergoing lasik surgery, be sure to discuss the risks, costs, and realistic expectations with your doctor first.

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Transform your Android smartphone to look like a Xperia Z

Today, I’ll talk about a very nice mod available on XDA to transform your Android smartphone to look like a Xperia Z.

The project give you the possibility, installing some packages, to have an user interface closely resembling the one available on the Xperia Z.

You can find the mod at the following link:

1) Prepare your phone

The first thing we need to do is to enable the installation of applications from Unknown source.

To do that we need to enable Unknown source from the Security sub-menu in the Settings page.

Now we are ready to go.

2) Install the launcher

The launcher is the default application available on our Android smartphone.
It’s the interface that give you the possibility to browse and execute other apps.
The Android operating system give you the possibility to install and use a third part launcher.
In our case we will install a launcher closely resembling the one on the Xperia Z.

Download the following package: Advanced Xperia Z Launcher

After the download you’ll see the apk file in the notifications bar and tapping on it will allow you to install the launcher.
After installed you need to press the home button that will give you a prompt asking you to choose the default launcher.
You need to select Xperia Launcher and tap on Always.

That’s it! Now your launcher is the new Xperia Launcher with an experience very similar to the original Xperia Z.

Here a video review of the launcher in action:

Now you can install some widgets to improve even more the resemblance to the Xperia Z.
I just choose four of them, but you can install all the ones provided by the author if you want.

3) Install widgets

Clock Widget
Weather Widget
Recent Calls

See you soon!


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Linear Clock : A different way to display the time on your Android device

Are you bored by the standard clock widget? Do you want to see something different on your home screen? Here the right widget for you : Linear Clock

Linear Clock will let you get a very different clock on your home screen.

It’s a widget and you can setup it by a long tap on an empty space of your Home Screen (for Android version before 4.0) or from the list of apps under the tab Widgets (Android 4.0 or above):

After you drag the widget to your home screen (you can choose between Small and Large one), it will show a screen to configure it.

You need to decide if you want 1, 2 or 3 bands (3 bands is available in the pro version) and choose if you want to display hourday of the weekday (pro only)month (pro only).

You can then choose if you want a metal border and the color of the clock (transparent is only in pro version).

Here some nice screenshots:

It’s a really nice widget and if you like it you should really upgrade to the pro version that holds far more features.

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Cool Tool : The best way to monitor system info

Do you want to monitor resources usage on your Android device? Here’s a very advanced app to monitor them with a floating window : Cool Tool

Sometime our devices are slow, but we can’t easily figure out why. Is it my CPU, storage I/O, Network? Now you can quickly monitor that.

The app is very advanced and it includes several options. As you can see when you first start the app you have to configure it.

The first step is to tap on Show Panel to make it visible.

Now that it’s visible you can move it where you want by using the pad control at the bottom.

You can choose to include the Labels you like and even change color for each one.

You can do the same for Gauges to customize it the way you want:

If you don’t like to spend too much time to setup your custom style you can choose from one of the existing Themes. You can also save your custom one.

In Sliders tab you can choose the size of the floating window, size of the font and transparencies.

The Advanced tab includes some nice settings you can play with.

The Exclusions tab will let you hide the floating window when you open some specific app like Google Maps. You can use Black List or White List.

Loggings tab is a feature available only on Pro and let you save in a log file of some specific system informations.

It’s a nice floating monitor that will let you customize your home screen and make it special. Checkout how to run Android 4.3 on your PC using VirtualBox by visiting

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What you probably didn’t know about LASIK

Persons who use contact lenses account for 45 million people in the United States. Whether you’re one of them or not, do you find it enjoyable to have to wear contacts – or glasses, for that matter?

Some individuals, though, do. However, if you are one of the many who do not, we understand your frustration. Having to put your glasses or contact lenses on and take them off every day might be a pain.

Nonetheless, you need them in order to read, drive, and carry out the majority of your daily tasks. But what if you could lessen the amount of time you spent wearing your glasses or contacts?

LASIK eye surgery may be an option in this situation. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, it may be the best choice for you to correct your vision. Are you unsure whether it is? Here are six advantages of getting LASIK surgery that you should know about!

1. Corrected Visual Acuity

The most evident advantage of lasik surgery is the improvement in eyesight. However, what exactly is LASIK eye surgery and how does it work to address vision problems?

In order to comprehend how it works, we must first grasp what the cornea is and how it is related to our visual perception.

What Is the Cornea and How Does It Work?

The cornea is a transparent, dome-shaped outer layer that covers the surface of the eye. It provides protection from dirt, debris, and pathogens. It also functions as a window, allowing and concentrating light to pass through our eyes.

When light enters our eyes, the curved curvature of the cornea causes the light to be refracted back into our vision. There are a variety of additional factors that might affect one’s capacity to see. However, the curvature of the cornea may frequently have a significant impact on one’s ability to see well.

What Is LASIK Eye Surgery and How Does It Work?

LASIK surgery significantly lowers the need for contact lenses and eyeglasses. It is not intended to restore perfect 20/20 vision. Many LASIK patients, on the other hand, are able to achieve 20/20 vision after the procedure. Some people even report having 20/15 eyesight or better after the procedure.

LASIK is a procedure in which doctors use a laser to produce a tiny incision across the surface of the cornea. This forms a flap that extends all the way across the surface of the cornea. After doctors have made the incision, they will raise this flap to reveal the wound.

The cornea is then reshaped with the help of a second laser. In doing so, the cornea is able to more effectively withdraw light along the retina, which is positioned in the rear of the eye.

LASIK surgery is not without its flaws. Approximately two-thirds of LASIK patients need the use of glasses or contacts on a regular basis. In general, patients expressed complete pleasure with their lasik procedure, with 80 percent reporting complete satisfaction.

2. There is no discomfort.

The idea of having a laser make an incision in one’s eye seems uncomfortable and frightening, doesn’t it?

Not nearly as much as you may expect! In fact, one of the reasons why LASIK has become so popular is that it produces very little discomfort, if any at all, during the procedure.

Before the treatment starts, the surgeon will prescribe numbing eye drops to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. These eye drops are no different from other prescription or over-the-counter eye drops in terms of sensation. They do, however, include a local anesthetic that numbs the area around the eye.

Following the administration of the eye drops, as soon as you blink, they spread throughout the whole eye. Only one of your eyes will be numb. Your eyelids and the surrounding tissues, on the other hand, will not cooperate.

The only thing you’ll be aware of throughout the process is the speculum that is used to keep your eyes open. It’s possible that some patients may find this off-putting and unpleasant. However, it does not feel any different from when you open your eye to put on contact lenses!

What Happens Before, During, and After the Procedure?

During the incision and reshaping portions of the surgery, you will not experience any discomfort. A little pressure or pain may be felt when your surgeon uses a suctioning instrument to produce the flap around your eyeball. Any pressure or pain, on the other hand, will be negligible.

Throughout the remainder of the treatment, your surgeon will ask you to keep your eyes fixed on a light. While you are looking at the light, your surgeon will administer the laser to your cornea while they remove and reshape it. This procedure takes less than a minute in most cases.

In the next step, your surgeon will lower the flap – no sutures or bandages are necessary. You will then be sent home with protective eyewear once your surgeon has administered the necessary drops.

Following surgery, patients can expect to be out of commission for approximately a day. On the day after the operation, some patients may feel tears, moderate discomfort, and sensitivity to light. As the eyes recover, these adverse effects will decrease after 1-2 hours of treatment.

3. Obtaining Results Right Away

Patients might anticipate seeing a considerable improvement in their eyesight the next day. Some people may not need the use of glasses at all immediately after surgery. Others may still be required to do so, but it will be far less than before.

Patients may also return to their daily routines the next day after their procedure. Swimming and applying eye makeup should be avoided for about 2 weeks at this time.

The healing of the incision site might cause patients to experience halos and glares, which are not unusual in this situation. These, on the other hand, resolve within a few weeks after surgery.

4. Increase your financial savings.

Costs associated with contact lenses, eyeglasses, and contact solutions may mount up over time. Even a single visit to the optometrist might add up to a significant financial burden. Patients may save money in the long term since LASIK eliminates the need for eyeglasses as a result of the procedure.

Furthermore, since you will be wearing your glasses less often (or not at all), your frames will last far longer.

5. An increase in one’s own self-assurance

If you’re self-conscious about how you seem while you’re wearing glasses, you won’t have to be concerned after having LASIK. You’ll also be more comfortable, energetic, and spontaneous as a result of the changes. Without the need to seek your glasses, you can get on with your day!

In addition, following LASIK, you will be able to participate in sports more easily. There will be no more goggles. There will be no more adjusting your frames or fretting about them falling off.

Are you a member of the military or do you have a position where your vision is critical to the success of the company? You won’t have to be concerned about your glasses interfering with your ability to perform your job responsibilities.

6.  Allergy relief.

Is it possible for you to use contact lenses while also suffering from seasonal allergies?

It’s likely that you deal with itchy, watery eyes on a regular basis, which is quite irritating. This is because your contact lenses are likely to collect pollen, which can irritate your eyes even more.

After LASIK, you will no longer have to struggle through the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy the changing seasons without experiencing any pain.

Discover the Advantages of LASIK Eye Surgery for Yourself

LASIK does not always guarantee that a person’s eyesight will be restored to perfect 20/20 vision. It is possible that it is not the best option for every patient. But one thing is certain: after having LASIK surgery, you will notice a significant improvement in your overall quality of life and vision. From a variety of various perspectives! You can read about What to avoid after LASIK? by visiting

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What to avoid after LASIK?

Whether you’re preparing for your initial examination or doing research in preparation for your LASIK treatment, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Take your contacts out of your pocket. 

Because contact lenses alter the curvature of the cornea, they should be exchanged for glasses in the weeks leading up to your examination and treatment in order to enable your eyes to restore to their original form. Soft contact lenses must be removed from the eyes at least 3 days before the assessments take place. Those who sleep in their contact lenses or who use TORIC contact lenses are asked to remove them at least 7 days before their examination. Those who use gas perm or hard lenses will be required to remove their contacts at least 21 days prior to the assessment.

Stay away from caffeinated beverages. 

After having LASIK, caffeine might cause your eyes to feel dry, making it a bit more difficult to completely rest after the procedure. Our office requests that you refrain from consuming caffeine for at least 4 hours before surgery, and we suggest that you consume 5-6 glasses of non-alcoholic, caffeine-free beverages every day, commencing several days before the operation. Taking an Omega-3 supplement and utilizing lubricating eye drops may be advised a few days before surgery and for up to three months after surgery, depending on the procedure.

Bring a responsible driver with you. 

Despite the fact that you will notice an instant improvement after lasik, you will not be able to drive yourself home after the procedure. Request the services of a responsible friend or family member to serve as your chauffeur.

Stay away from beauty products. 

On the day of your operation, avoid wearing any makeup, perfume, lotions, cologne, or aftershave since they might irritate the surgical site.

The Recovery Timeline Following LASIK Surgery Is How Long Is It?

One of the most crucial aspects of being ready for LASIK eye surgery is making sure you understand what to anticipate throughout your LASIK recovery. The good news is that this outpatient procedure is rather short, and the majority of patients report that their LASIK surgery recovery period is less difficult than they anticipated. Your vision will return to normal in no time, and any pain should only last a day or two after the procedure. Nearly everyone reports better vision almost immediately after surgery, and they may resume most normal activities within a few days of the procedure being completed.

Important to remember is that the whole LASIK recovery period will be a full year since your corneal flaps will need to heal fully before your vision can be restored. The good news is that this longer healing period does not imply that you will be out of commission for many months. Prepare to be a bit gentler with your eyes for a short period of time in order to safeguard your recovering corneas. Nevertheless, beyond the first month after your treatment, the additional precautions that you’ll need to take will be little.

Consider the following LASIK eye surgery recovery timetable so that you are aware of what to anticipate in terms of healing and recovery after your procedure. What to anticipate from the initial moments after the operation is completed until one year after the surgery is completed will be explained in detail…………………….. This may assist you in making appropriate planning and alleviating any concerns that may develop if you suffer any of the frequent side effects throughout the journey. You can read about LASIK dry eye by clicking here.

Timeline for LASIK recovery: The First Twenty-four Hours

The operation itself is rapid, and it usually only takes around half an hour to complete it. The next day, you’ll begin your LASIK eye surgery recuperation period. It is critical that you take exceptional care of your eyes and that you adhere to your surgeon’s recommendations to the letter. In terms of healing, the first 24 hours after LASIK surgery are the most essential of the whole recovery timetable after LASIK surgery. Listed below is what you might anticipate in the first hour after surgery.

Following your procedure, wait 5 minutes after it has finished. When you look around following your operation, you will most likely discover that your eyesight has already improved! Your eyesight will not be completely corrected at this time, so if you are dissatisfied with what you are seeing at this moment, give it some time. When you initially wake up, your eyesight may look blurry, foggy, or hazy, as if you are submerged in water. Over the following few hours, this will continue to improve, and the sensations will continue to subside as your eyes recover. The transparent plastic eye shields will be applied over your eyes by your eye care staff in order to protect them. You will have arranged for someone to take you home, but you should still wear sunglasses outside to protect your eyes from the light.

Following your procedure, you should wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking. Your anesthetic will begin to wear off, and you may experience some slight pain as a result of this. Your eyes will begin to itch and/or burn at this stage, and it is critical that you rest your eyes at this time. If feasible, take a sleep or lie down in a dark place for 2-4 hours to allow your eyes to rest and rejuvenate. Keep your eye shields on at all times. If you need pain medicines, your doctor will provide you with the necessary instructions. For a few hours, you should refrain from looking at any displays, including your phone, computer, and television, as this will help you relax. Isn’t it true that asleep is sounding more appealing now?

4 Hours After Your Procedure: You will find that the itching and/or burning has lessened after getting up from resting your eyes. Your eyesight will very certainly have improved even more throughout this period. Your eyes may remain sensitive to light and may feel dry or as if there is something in them for a short period of time. Remember to keep your eye shields in place so that you do not rub your eyes. During your LASIK recuperation, be sure to follow your doctor’s directions about eye drops to ensure that your eyes heal correctly and remain well-lubricated. Allowing your eyes to rest anytime they begin to feel weary or become too itchy or sensitive is recommended.

Within 24 hours after your procedure, you should: It is possible that you could have other minor symptoms, all of which will begin to subside over your LASIK recovery period. Your eyes may become hazy or glare, and you may have watery eyes or swollen eyelids. You may also have red eyes or little red bruises on the whites of your eyes. Visit to read about What LASIK Eye Surgery is correct?

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What LASIK Eye Surgery is correct?

LASIK eye surgery is described by the United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) as “a surgical technique designed to lessen a person’s reliance on glasses or contact lenses.” LASIK surgery has been performed on millions of individuals worldwide to correct their eyesight. LASIK is a fantastic alternative for those who no longer want to address their vision problems using glasses or contact lenses. While a significant proportion of patients with vision difficulties chose this kind of elective vision correction surgery, it is not appropriate for everyone. In other words, LASIK can only be used to address visual issues in particular categories of patients.

Just as there is no one-size-fits-all magic solution for every sickness, there is no one-size-fits-all eye surgery or method that can repair every eyesight impairment. At Woolfson Eye Institute, we’ve written this article to educate our patients and anybody else contemplating lasik surgery about the types of common eye problems that LASIK or laser eye surgery might possibly correct.

LASIK surgery is not a one-size-fits-all procedure.

While LASIK eye surgery is capable of improving vision difficulties caused by a broad range of conditions, there are alternative vision correction treatments such as monovision, PRK, and others that may be a better match for you. While we make every attempt on this site to educate existing and prospective patients, the most effective approach to “get the facts” is to book a personal consultation.

The Three Most Common Issues That LASIK Surgery Corrects

Without becoming too technical, it is critical for you to understand how your vision is assessed. A diopter is a unit used to assess vision, and a particular value is obtained from it in relation to your eye’s light-perceptive qualities (s). As you are probably aware, the final number is stated as a − (negative) if you are nearsighted and as a + (positive) if you are farsighted (nearsightedness and farsightedness are known medically as myopia and hyperopia, respectively).

1. Myopia 

LASIK surgery is an excellent alternative for many people who have both mild and severe nearsightedness. Indeed, a significant proportion of our patients who have had successful LASIK surgery previously had extreme nearsightedness and were often informed that LASIK would not be the best choice for them.

However, because of the Stulting Research Center and other modern technology available to our specialists at Woolfson Eye Institute, we are confident in conducting LASIK surgery on a large number of patients who seek a second opinion.

2. Farsightedness (Hyperopia) 

While LASIK surgery remains a very realistic choice for those who suffer from farsightedness or hyperopia, we are more cautious when assessing patients as LASIK candidates who have this particular visual condition. Individuals with farsightedness have a flatter cornea and a shorter eye than a normal eye, which causes distant objects to focus behind the retina.

Although the degree to which you are farsighted will determine the effectiveness of LASIK in treating your specific condition, as the leading LASIK provider in the Southeastern United States, we are confident in our ability to treat your vision problems, whether through LASIK or one of our other vision correction procedures.

3. Perplexed Vision (Astigmatism)

Many people suffer from blurred vision in one or both eyes, which is most often caused by a disease called astigmatism, which you have undoubtedly heard of. Astigmatism is mostly caused by an uneven steepening of the cornea, which may often be rectified through lasik surgery.

LASIK and other laser eye surgery procedures, such as PRK and LASEK, have an outstanding safety profile and a high success rate. They are intended to correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism and may enable you to live without glasses or contacts.

Issues of LASIK surgery that are sight-threatening, such as major vision loss, are relatively uncommon, and many side effects and laser eye surgery complications may be treated with subsequent surgery or medical therapy.

As with any other surgical operation, there are risks, complications, and restrictions that you should be completely informed of before opting to undertake the process (or any type of procedure, for that matter). By selecting a qualified and experienced LASIK eye surgeon, you can help mitigate these risks and ensure the best possible outcome from laser eye surgery.

The first step is to assess if you qualify for vision corrective surgery. Your eye doctor will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic eye exam to ascertain your candidacy for LASIK surgery. He or she will assess your cornea’s shape and thickness, your refractive errors and pupil size, the moistness of your eyes (to rule out dry eye syndrome), your overall health and medical history, and any drugs you are now taking.

Even if you are not a candidate for LASIK, you may still be a candidate for alternative vision correction procedures such as PRK, LASEK, or implanted lenses. Visit to read about What are the risks and how can I find the right doctor for me?

Risks and Limitations of LASIK Eye Surgery

Not everyone qualifies for LASIK eye surgery. Certain medical illnesses and anatomical variables might raise your chance of having a poor LASIK result or restrict your ability to achieve optimum LASIK outcomes. These include the following:

  • Corneas that are too thin or uneven 
  • Pupils that are too large 
  • A high refractive error 
  • Unstable vision 
  • Dry eyes
  • Your age 
  • Pregnancy status 
  • Presence of certain degenerative or active autoimmune illnesses

For a comprehensive checklist of LASIK risk factors and to determine if you are a suitable candidate, please read our LASIK Criteria for Success.

LASIK Complications and Side Effects

Since LASIK eye surgery was launched in the United States more than two decades ago, millions of Americans have had it to correct their vision, and skilled LASIK doctors indicate that major complication rates may be kept below 1%.

The most often encountered LASIK problems and adverse effects are described here. The majority of these issues may be remedied medically or with extra “enhancement” surgery.

Discomfort and vision problems are just temporary. Discomfort associated with the first few days after LASIK surgery, including as moderate irritation and light sensitivity, is typical and anticipated. You may also suffer halos; glare and starbursts in low-light surroundings, particularly at night; dry eye symptoms; foggy vision; and decreased visual sharpness over the first few weeks or months. The great majority of the time, these issues are transient and resolve entirely within three to six months.

Complications associated with flaps. The LASIK process includes creating a tiny hinged flap on the cornea’s front surface. This is removed during surgery for laser eye reshaping. After that, the flap is restored to create a natural bandage.

If the LASIK flap is not created properly, it may not adhere adequately to the eye’s surface, or small creases called striae (STRIE-ee) may form in the flap. Optical distortions and impaired vision might result from these flap problems.

According to the April 2006 edition of the American Journal of Ophthalmology, flap problems occur in between 0.3 and 5.7 percent of LASIK surgeries. In a study of 3,009 consecutive LASIK procedures performed between August 2002 and July 2009 using a femtosecond laser to create the flap, flap complications occurred in less than half of one percent (0.37 percent) of these procedures, and all complications were successfully managed during the same surgical session. Click here to read about What you probably didn’t know about LASIK.

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