YouTube Floating HD Player : Watch a YouTube video while using another app

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Do you like the new YouTube user interface with floating window, but you’d like to have it even when you are using another app?

Here’s a nice YouTube player that will allow you to do that : YouTube Floating HD Player

I really like the new YouTube user interface. but the new feature to see video in a little window while you are searching it doesn’t come so handy.

The main problem is that I would like to watch a video while I’m writing a text message or chatting or even browsing. This make even more sense for a tablet where you have more space to use.

YouTube Floating HD Player is exactly what I was looking for : a YouTube player with a proper floating window available while I’m using another app.

The first time we open the app it will ask our default category. You can change it later if you like using Settings menu.


In this case I choose the Most Popular and I get the following screen. If you tap on the top left side of the screen you get some options.


You can choose to Sign In and see your preferred channels. It has most of the YouTube features and you can use it as a YouTube replacement.


On the top right of the screen you can choose to see a menu where you can open a Video Url or access to Settings page.


The Settings page has the possibility to setup few video settings like category, resolution, aspect ratio, etc.


The power of this app comes when you play a video. You can search and tap on the video to play it.


When you play it  you can see a little icon in the bottom right side of the video to switch to floating window.


Now everything is more interesting because you can open any other app and use it normally while the video is playing.

Here’s an example playing a video while I’m writing a text message.


You can move the floating window by dragging on it and you can resize it by dragging the bottom right icon.

At the top of the video there are icons to go back to normal view, enable/disable audio, minimize, close.


Here’s a video that show the app running:


This app comes really handy when you want to watch video and do other thing at the same time.

Let’s try!


Here’s the link to download the app:

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