Words with Friends Cheat: Improve Your Word Knowledge

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As a loyal reader of this blog, you are probably into word games like Synonyms & Antonyms. But do you know the word game Words with Friends from Zynga? It’s a perfect game for taking a break to improve your language skills by competing against gamers all over the world. Sometimes it is hard to find the right words with the seven letters on your rack. To help you out in tricky situations, there are different Cheats on the internet like the Words with Friends Cheat from word-grabber.com.




Find Words by Typing in Your Letters

With this little helper, you can find the right words to score high in your Words with Friends Game. Just type in the letters in the first field and click on “grab it”
The Helper shows you the possible words you can make with your letters. You can sort them by length or by points. If you have a blank you can also specify it by using the “blank-dots” under the letter field from 0 to 2.





Finding the Right Place for the Best Word

In WWF – the fans call it this – you usually have to use one or more letters that are already on the field. Just look out for a good place. If you are not sure, you can use the Words with Friends Helper from word-grabber again. In the pattern field below the letter field you can type in the template.

For example: After your first move your opponent lays the word VOLT down. You can see that there are two Double Letter Fields around the letter I from QIVIUT right under the V. But which word is possible?

Here the Words with Friends Cheat has the answer. Just type in your letters and set the number 2 for a double letter field right below, three dots, 2, the letter I and one 2 in the pattern field.



The word TWIN might be a little bit short as TOWNIE, but it fits great with the N under the O of VOLT. There you get the word ON and a little bit more points as 14. With the two-letter-word ON and the word TWIN from the Words with Friends Cheat you can get 18 points in one go.




Learn More about Words with Friends

With the Words with Friends Cheat from word-grabber.com. you can definitely learn the right words for the word game and with their articles you can get on the fast track to improving your skills.

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