What’s the Brand : Are you able to remember slightly modified brand logos?

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Do you know how many famous brands are out there? Do you think you are able to remember them even if slightly modified? Try this game and prove it : What’s the Brand

What’s the Brand is a nice game where you need to guess a famous brand from the logo. The logo is a bit modified to make it more difficult.

Here the main screen when you start the game:


If you select Play you’ll start to play the game and you’ll see a screen similar to the following one.

You can see a slightly modified Amazon logo and at the bottom the letters you can use to write the brand name.


When you guess correctly the brand name you’ll earn coins that will be very useful later when you need some help.


When you start the game you should have some coin available already.

You can use them to get some hint in case you can’t guess the brand.

You can buy it by tapping on the bomb icon.

The available tips are:

  • Show a letter : it will show a correct letter of the brand
  • Remove letters : it will remove some incorrect letters from the available ones
  • Show logo : it will show the full logo


You can also buy a Hint by tapping on the light bulb icon that will give you an info about the brand.


I really enjoyed playing this game because it let you discover details of some brands you completely ignore.


Are you stuck on a specific level?

You can check all the answers here : What’s the brand: All the answers


Here’s the link to download the game:

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