Wakelock Detector : Detect what is draining your battery

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Do you have battery draining issues on your Android device and you don’t know which is the app causing it? Here’s the app that will let you discover it : Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector is a background app that will get statistics about which apps are using your battery even when the screen is off.

You need to install the app and wait at least few hours to get some sensible data.

The main screen show you a bar at the top about how long did you have Wakelock Detector running and how much of that time was awake (bad) or deep sleep (good).

You can see a list of apps ordered by usage and for each app how much time was spent and how often the device was waked up by the app.

In the following screenshot you can see KakaoTalk and Facebook as the top of the list.



You can choose to order by different values (The default is normally the best one).



If you tap on a specific app you’ll see additional information about it. You can also get info, open it or open the play store.

If you have root permission you can use Greenify to hibernate the app or you if don’t need you can just uninstall it.


The settings page have the possibility to change theme (Light or Dark) and to see some FAQ.


The FAQ are very useful to understand better how the app works.


I think the battery drain is a common issue in most android devices and this app really help to identify it.


Here’s the link to download the app:

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