Turtle Leap : Guide the turtle in a car through a wonderful world

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Today I’ll talk about a sequel of a nice platform game we reviewed a while ago. You drive a little car with a turtle through a lot of obstacles and enemies : Turtle Leap

A while ago we reviewed a nice platform game Rapid Car Rush

The author just release the sequel with a lot of new features to make it even more addictive! :)

In the game you guide a turtle in a car and you have to avoid all the obstacles and enemies to get the longest distance you can.

The main screen shows you 2 buttons at the bottom (start game and exit) and 2 buttons to enable/disable music and audio:


If you choose the play button you’ll see the following screen with your recent high scores playing this game…


… the upgrades to buy shields and ammo (by collecting stars)…


… the cars to buy them (by collecting stars)…TurtleLeap5x

…and achievements you’ll get while playing the game:TurtleLeap6x

Like on Rapid Rush Car you can guide the car using just 2 button at the bottom of the screen. The one on the left is for the weapons and the one on the right is to jump.


The game is very addictive, but difficult because there are so many enemies and obstacles that you need to be very quick to avoid. :)

Let’s try it!


Here’s the link to download the game:

App Name

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