Traffic Crossing : Help pedestrians cross the road

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Today I’ll show you a nice game where you need to help people cross the road : Traffic Crossing

Traffic Crossing is a nice puzzle game where you control pedestrians, cars and traffic lights to let people cross the road safely.

Even if it will be easy to complete the first few levels, the game will become more and more difficult to complete in the future.

The main screen shows you just few buttons : Play to start the game, Instructions to see how to play it, Rate to rate the game on Google Play, the button to enable/disable the sound effects and the buttons to access to the social network pages.


The Instructions page shows you how to play the game. You can stop/start cars, stop/start pedestrians and change traffic lights to red or green by tapping on them. Pedestrians are in different colors based on their speed.


If you choose Play you’ll get to choose the level you want to play. The first time you have to start from the first one.


The game is very simple. You have a number of pedestrians you have to help cross the road (You can see the number at the bottom left side of the screen). You also have limited time to let the people cross the road.

When the level have traffic lights you need to avoid leaving it red for a long time or you’ll lose the game.


I think it’s a nice game to kill some time and you’ll enjoy to play it.

I tried myself, but I had some trouble to complete some of the most advanced levels. :)


Here’s the link to download the game:

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