Top 10 features I’d like to see built-in into Android

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Android is probably the most advanced and customizable OS for phones and tablets.

Anyway it can be improved and all developers around the world prove it by creating amazing apps that extends its functionalities.

Unfortunately most of these new features requires root permissions or even custom roms to be available to the users. A lot of users don’t want to mess up with their new Android device and probably Google should get the best ideas behind these apps and integrate them into the OS.

Here’s the list of top 10 features I’d like to see built-in into Android.

1) Access to notification bar from a fullscreen app

A very common problem on Android is when we receive a notification and we are in a fullscreen app. We need to close the current app to see the notification.

I’d like to be able to access to my notification bar without closing the current app.

A developer did that on an app, but I think it should be built-in:



2) Automatically hide soft keys

A lot of Android devices don’t have physical keys and this is nice, but it waste a bit of screen and you can even accidentally tap on them while you are using an app.

It would be nice to automatically hide them when they are not required and swipe from the bottom when we need them.

A developer did an app to do that, but it requires root permission:



3) Theme manager

We know that Android allow users to customize a lot of OS features like keyboard, launcher, lockscreen, etc but it’s not enough.

I think Android should support something similar to what we normally have with Cyanogenmod rom : A theme manager.

The theme manager should let you customize any part of the OS like lock ring, battery icons, font, etc. Everything should be available to every users by installing a simple theme from Google Play.

We can actually do most of these things manually, but we need root permissions and it’s even risky.

Here’s a quick guide to change lock ring:


and here’s a quick guide to change boot animation:



4) Floating Windows

Android doesn’t handle multitasking the same way we normally do on a PC. I’d like to be able to reply to a short message or to a watch a YouTube video without having to close the current app.

All these features are already available using apps, but they should be built-in.

Here’s an app to read and reply a short message without closing the current app:


and here’s how to watch YouTube videos :



5) Chat head notifications

As we already knows Facebook Messenger have this nice features to see a little circle with the notification. I’d like to see such a feature in every app.

Here’s an app to reply to a call:



6) Screen recording

Android let you take a screenshot of the current screen, but what if you’d like to record what you are doing on your device. It could be very useful to show a trick to a friend or to show how an app/game works. It can be used for a lot of different reasons.

Here’s an app that allow you to record your Android screen, but it requires root permissions:



7) Air Gestures

This is a recent feature available on the latest Galaxy S4, but why should it be an exclusive feature? I think this could be a very nice feature on any device and Google should think to integrate into Android.

Here’s a simple app that reproduce some of the Air Gestures features:



8) Screen Rotation by app

How often you see your screen rotating automatically even if you don’t want to? Why can I only choose if I want automatic rotation or not?

What if I want only for some apps like YouTube and Gallery?

Here’s an app that do that, but I think should be part of Android:



9) LED colors control

A lot of devices have a little led that show if your device have some notifications like missing calls, text messages, etc.

Why should I turn my Android device on to understand what kind of notification I just received?

The led is able to show different colors for different notifications. What if I want to customize it to quickly understand that?

Here’s an app that do that:



10) S-View Smart Cover

If we have a Smart Cover for our Android phone we’d like to quickly see missing calls and text messages without having to open the cover.

Here’s an app to do such a thing, but I’d like to see it built-in:



Here’s my list of missing features I’d like to see built-in into Android.

What do you think? Would you like something different instead?


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7 comments on “Top 10 features I’d like to see built-in into Android

  1. jamie

    S3 can do the full screen thing built in

    • megasoft78

      Nice but I’m talking about Android stock features. :)
      Probably that’s a S3 specific feature.

  2. Waqar

    Very helpful post. I like the most is fullscreen notification, YouTube portable window, floating window,.and the best one is screen recording, but my phone is not rooted :( I wish I could record my whole screen…

    • megasoft78

      Yes that’s the point of the article! These features should be built-in into Android and available to every devices without root permissions. :)

  3. Adriano Bochiliano

    I will be so happy if I saw this list in KitKat 4.4
    I think this is even smarter that what would google think of (I Used to think Google always 3 steps ahead of everyone else)

    • megasoft78

      This is the result of smart developers around the world inventing the future! :)

  4. David

    Looks like Google has addressed 3 of these problems in KitKat. :)

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