Taskbar – Windows 8 Style : A very nice taskbar

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Most of us normally use Windows as main desktop OS and probably we are very familiar with the standard taskbar. Here’s a very similar one on Android : Taskbar – Windows 8 Style

I never thought it could be possible to have such a thing on Android. It’s a nice idea to include something we normally use every day on our PC into our Android devices.


When you start the app you’ll see a little icon at the bottom left side of the screen.


If you tap on it you’ll see the full list of apps and games and you’ll see also some settings you can change like AirPlane, WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness. The Settings button at the bottom will bring into the application settings page where you can configure a lot of options like the visible settings in the taskbar.


As you can see you can search the app by typing the name on the search box.


The running app will be displayed like on Windows in the taskbar and you can quickly switch between them.

You also have 2 button at the bottom right of the screen. The first one (the green one) is to kill all the running apps and free the memory and the second one is like pressing home button.


Here’s the message it will show when you kill running apps.



It’s a really nice idea and I suggest you to try it! :)


Here’s the link to download the app:

App Name

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