Arrow Path : Complete the path in this challenging game

Do you want to train your mind? Here’s a nice puzzle game where you need to complete a path : Arrow Path

The main screen let you choose to play the game, to enable audio and music (very nice background music) and to access to Google Play Services to check the leaderboards.

If you choose Play you can play several levels, but you need to choose difficulty first.

I suggest to try very easy to learn how to play it. There are over 800 levels available.

The target of the game is to complete the path by dragging the arrows at the bottom over the empty spaces on the board.

If you make a mistake you can move an arrow over another one to switch position.

I think this game is well done and challenging after you complete the first few levels.

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BallMaze : Fun and addictive logic game

Do you like to play logic games? Here’s a nice one you should try : BallMaze 

The game includes 300 levels in the free version. You can start with tutorial levels where you’ll learn how to play.

The objective of the game is to move the gray ball over the gray empty square. You can move it by swiping it in the direction you want, but it will stop moving only at the borders or right next to a filled square.

At the bottom you have a series of colored rectangles. You can tap on them to choose which color to activate.

As you can see the filled squares change when you select a different color and by using this feature you’ll be able to move the ball exactly over the gray empty square.

I found it a very good time killer and some levels are really challenging to complete. Check regularly my blog for more best nft games.

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