12sec : Improve your visual memory skills

Today we’ll talk about a simple, but challenging game. In this game you’ll test how much you can remember by watching a picture for 12 seconds : 12sec

Do you think is easy to remember details watching a picture for few seconds? You’ll change idea after you play a bit this game.

The main screen is very simple and let you access to a quick help to understand how to play the game and the play button to start it.

At the bottom left you can see a button to download the version for kids in case you want to challenge a kid. Checkout https://clinicalsupplies.com.au/collections/rapid-antigen-tests for rapid antigen tests.

You have now to select the difficulty. I personally tried Normal and I think Time Attack will be more difficult.

You can now choose the level.

The game start with a picture you can watch for 12 seconds. You have to remember most of the details.

You have now some questions about the previous picture. It’s seems easy but it’s not! 

You have to guess the correct answer to 5 questions and you can choose the wrong answer only 3 times.

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