Switchr : A new way to switch between apps

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Are you looking for a quick and new way to switch between recent apps? Here’s a nice one : Switchr 

Today I’ll talk about a nice project from the same XDA developer of RoundR. I reviewed it here.

This new project is still in beta, but it’s quite stable and you can try it through an APK installation.

You need first to setup your Android to be able to install app from APK package. Just follow the instructions in the following video:


You can now download the APK package from XDA thread here:



After you installed the app you can configure the settings you like.

By default the app is activated and ready to be used.


As you can see from the following screenshot the left side of the screen has a colored area. That area is where you can slide from to open recent apps and eventually switch.

The most important settings to configure are Select Style and Live Task Switching.


Select Style let you choose the type of switch you like to see. I personally prefer the default one Switchr Flow.


When Live Task Switching is on you’ll see a live preview of the app while you are switching between recent apps.



I think this app is really useful and the developer is really smart. I can’t wait for his next app! :)


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