Swipe Status Bar : How to access to notifications bar from a full screen app

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Today I’ll talk about a really useful utility app that allows you to open the notifications bar even from a full screen app : Swipe Status Bar.

How often did you receive a short message or a Facebook notification while playing a full screen game that gives you no easy way to reach the notification bar?

It’s very annoying to close temporarily the game just to quickly read the notification you just received.

Now with this nice app you’ll be able to access to the notifications bar without wasting any time.

Swipe status bar is a very simple app that allows you to swipe down from the top to open the notification bar when you are on a full screen app/game.

Here’s a series of screenshot from the app :

SwipeStatusBar2  SwipeStatusBar4

The app has just few settings:


When you start the app you need to enable two options named Enable SwipeStatusBar and Start on boot.

While on a full screen app you just swipe from the top to get the notifications bar.

If you enabled Multitouch gesture option, it will show notifications bar only when you use 2 fingers. If you enabled Enabled quick settings panel option, you’ll have notifications bar when you swipe from the top left and the Settings if you swipe from top right.


Here’s the link to the app’s download:

App Name

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