Swipe : Navigate between recent apps with a gesture

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After a long break for holidays and a few other issues I’m back reviewing new cool apps! :)

We also moved on a new faster server!

Today I’ll talk about a simple, but really useful app that will let you switch between recently opened apps with a swipe : Swipe

How often do you want to go back to the previous app to quickly check something and then come back again to the current app?

Swipe is a smart app that will let you do it.

The first time you open the app you have to configure a couple of things.

I suggest to enable Start at boot to have the app always running even if we reboot our phone.

You may want at the beginning to enable Show panes to understand better how this app works.

The app provide a lot of customization like panes color, profile, notification, etc.

The first thing you have to do to make the app working is to enable it using the ON button at the top.

As soon as it’s running and if you have Show panes enabled, you’ll see 2 transparent lines on the left and right border of the screen.

They are useful just to understand from where swipe to switch between app.

You can now swipe from the left to the right to get back to the previous app and viceversa to move to the next app.


If you want to move to home you can just swipe from the left to the right with 2 fingers.

Another nice gesture is to double tap on the border of the screen to see recently opened app list.

You can disable the app for 10 seconds by doing a long press on a border.


I find this app really nice and useful, but unfortunately it’s free just for 48 hours. After that trial period you have to buy the pro version.

I think that if you really like it you should buy it because it really worth your money.


Here’s the link to download the app:

App Name


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