Shooting Sheriff’s Gun : Are your fingers fast enough to be a sheriff

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Do you like Western Shoot’em up games? Are your fingers very fast and precise? Let’s prove it with this game : Shooting Sheriff’s Gun

In Shooting Sheriff’s Gun you’ll impersonate a sheriff that need to shoot the bad guys.

The main screen looks really simple.


If you select Settings you can enable/disable music and sound effects or you can see informations about the author.


If you select Play you’ll see the following screen that will let you start a game choosing the bad guys you want to kill, or you can go to the Store to buy new upgrades like weapons.


Here’s a screenshot of the store. You can buy a lot of different things but you need to have enough money. You’ll earn money when you kill bad guys.


After you choose the bad guy you want to kill you need to pass some levels before the final one with the bad guy.


It’s really simple to play the game. You need just to tap on the bad guy that you want to kill. Some of them will die with just one shoot, but other will require multiple shoots.

Each bad guy have a red line on the right that indicate how many shoots are required.


It’s very easy at the beginning, but with each passing level the difficulty increase till reaching challenging levels.

My fingers are still smoking. :)


Here’s the link to download the game:

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