Screen Filter : Prevent eyestrain during the night

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Do you want to lower your screen brightness to extremely low levels during the night? You maybe want to read an eBook and you want to prevent eyestrain. Here’s the app for you : Screen Filter

The app is simple and useful. You just have a screen with a slider to set the brightness and a button to enable/disable the app.

You can configure few other options:

  • Set screen to minimum brightness will set the screen brightness to just black. (It’s useful if you want to listen to a YouTube video without wasting battery life). Be careful because you can’t see anything and you maybe have to reboot to get the control again. You can use volume buttons to restore previous brightness.
  • Don’t filter status bar is used if you want to keep standard brightness to the status bar.
  • Minimize after switching on will hide the app as soon as you enable it.
  • Allow going below 20% (0% = Blackout) will let you go under 20% brightness. Be aware that go under 20% will make very difficult or impossible to see the UI.
  • Dim capacitive button lights (experimental) is an experimental feature to reduce capacitive button lights.


When the app is running you’ll see it in the notification bar. You can tap on it to configure, stop or pause it.



I think is a very useful app especially if you want to read on your Android device during the night.


Here’s the link to download the app:

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