S View : Galaxy S4 S-View feature on any Android device

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Do you like Galaxy S4 S-View feature? Do you want to have something similar on your Android device? Here’s an app that will let you do it : S View – HatRoid

This app make sense only if you have a flip cover with window.

The app is very basic, but it will give the same feature as the original.

The first time you run the app you need to start the service by tapping on Start View Service.

The service will use proximity sensor to detect when the flip cover is closed and show a little window with a quick summary of date and time, incoming messages, lost calls and the current song playing. You can even reply to an incoming call through it.

You also have the possibility to change a couple of settings or customize the view.


This is the settings page where you can decide when the SView screen will appear, auto wake up the screen when you open the cover or use caller id to reply to an incoming call.


The view can be customized through the following screen. You can position the S-View by tapping on it and using the arrows to move it to the right place.

You can also customize the colors used in the S-View. Remember to tap on save to confirm your changes.


Here’s the screen where you can choose the style of the S-View.



It’s a very simple, but useful app that I’m sure you’ll like! :)


Here’s the link to download the app:

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