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How often did you get problems while using the automatic rotation? This nice app will solve your problems : Rotation Manager

I normally use my phone in portrait mode, but when I want to watch photos or videos landscape mode is far better. I normally disable automatic rotation and enable it only when I need it.

Rotation Manager give me now a better alternative. You can choose which apps will be allowed to rotate and even the available orientations.


The first thing you have to do to setup your phone is to install the app from an apk package because Rotation Manager is not available on Google Play.

You can just follow this short video:


Now you can download latest version from the following link:


You have to download the apk file and open it to complete the installation.


The app is very simple to use. You have an Auto-Rotate button that is just a quick way to enable/disable automatic rotation.

You can see 2 icons next to each app that you can enable/disable by tapping on them.


For instance if you want to enable rotation only for Facebook (Portrait only) and Gallery (Landscape only) you can do as the following screen.

To make it works you have to set Auto-Rotate to Off and tap on the Play icon button.


If you want to clear all the apps configuration you can tap on Clear All.


If you want the app to autorun on boot you can use the flag available on the menu as show in the following screenshot.



This app is really well done and to be honest I think this feature should be built-in into Android! :)

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