Recombustor : A tetris like game that makes chemistry fun

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Today I’ll talk about a nice brain game similar to Tetris and Jewels that will makes you love chemistry : Recombustor

Recombustor is a nice alternative to the standard Tetris and Jewels games because it mix elements from both. You will play with molecules and you need to match at least 3 of them with the same color.

The main screen will let you start the game with Play, see the available Achievements you can get while playing the game, get some Help to learn how to play, see Statistics about your play, change some Options and see the Credits.


The Options page will let you configure if you want to twist the molecules by double tap, or remove some animation effects to reduce battery usage.


If you select Play you’ll get to decide which level to play. The list is limited to the levels you unlocked by playing, therefore only the first level will be unlocked at the beginning.


The first time you start to play, you’ll get a short tutorial on how to play the game.


It’s pretty easy to play the game, just tap in the middle of 3 molecules on the game screen and then tap on the button at the bottom to twist them.

If you manage to combine 3 molecules of the same color by twisting, they will be deleted and grant you some score points. The level will be completed when you remove a certain number of molecules reported at the bottom.


I think it’s quite an entertaining game and a nice alternative to the traditional Tetris and Jewels games.


Here’s the link to download the game:

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