Rapid Car Rush : A nice fast paced 2d platformer

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Do you like platform games where you collect stars and avoid enemies like Sonic the hedgehog? Here’s a nice one with a kid in a little red car : Rapid Car Rush

The game is very simple to play and is very addictive. It has 25 levels, but they are not easy to complete. You need to be fast and precise.

The main screen hold just 2 buttons. The one with the play icon and the one with red cross (to exit the game).


When you select the play button you can choose the level you want to play. This is, obviously, limited to the levels that you previously completed. In this case we need to choose the first one.


As soon as you select the level, the game will start. You drive a kid on a red car and you have 2 buttons at the bottom. The one on the left to jump and the one on the right to accelerate.


At the top of the screen you have an HUD with multiple information about the current status. You can see the number of lives (2 hearts), how many stars you already collected and how many stars are available in the current level.

Every time you touch an enemy you lose a life. The game ends when you either complete the level or lose all lives.


When you lose the game you can choose to either play again by tapping on the blue arrow or quit the game by tapping on the red cross.


The game is really nice and I think you’ll enjoy playing it.


Here’s the link to the author’s website:



and here’s the link to download the game:

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3 comments on “Rapid Car Rush : A nice fast paced 2d platformer

  1. rosanna

    Questo gioco e’ bellissimo almeno per me

  2. rosanna

    Ciao, sono sempre io rosanna e il gioco e’veramente una bomba

    • megasoft78

      Si è molto bello! :)
      Yes, It’s really nice! :)

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