Postman Adventures : Delivery your packages with a catapult

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Have you ever desired to be a post man and delivery packages always in time? Here’s a game with a very strange way to deliver them : Postman Adventures

Postman Adventures is a nice arcade/puzzle game where you impersonate a postman that have to deliver some packages. He’s using a catapult to deliver them.

The first time we start the game, the main screen will let us play the game tapping on the Play button, or follow the author on Facebook/Twitter:


By selecting the Play button we need to decide the city:PostmanAdventures3

and level:PostmanAdventures4

The first time we play the game we get a simple instructions on how to use the catapult. We need to drag the package in the opposite direction of where we’d like to launch it.


It will show the path where the package will go. The more we drag backward, the more we give power to the catapult. We need to choose the right angle/power to delivery the package and get all the stars.PostmanAdventures6

The score will change depending on how many stars we get. For example, in the following screenshot, I haven’t got all 3 stars.


At any time we can pause the game by choosing the Menu button at the top left side of the screen. It will show you the possibility to go back to the Main Menu, restart the current level, enable/disable sound or resume the game.PostmanAdventures8

The first few levels are very easy, but after you’ll see more and more objects (trampolines, rainy clouds, portal manholes, black holes, broken fire hydrants, etc…) that you’ll need to use to get the packages delivered.

It’s a fun game and the graphics are very cute.

You should try it! :)


Here’s the link to download the game:

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