Ninja SMS: An amazing chat heads like app for SMS

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Do you want to quickly read/reply to SMS without having to close every time the app/game you are currently in? Here’s an amazing app perfect for that : Ninja SMS

How often are you playing a game or using an app and you receive a text message? You normally have to close the current app in order to read and reply to it.

You can now read and reply quickly from the app you are in.

Ninja SMS is a very well done app for SMS that give you a bunch of useful features for free.

The key feature of this app is the possibility to receive text messages in a chat heads like UI. It’s similar to Facebook Messenger, but it adds a lot of other features.

When you receive a text message you’ll see a circle with the photo of your contact. If you tap on it you’ll see a little window where you can quickly read and reply.

On the left side of the window you have 4 buttons for:

  • Switch between normal and transparent window
  • Enable encryption (Very useful if you want to send an encrypted SMS to a friend with SMS Ninja installed)
  • Switch between fullscreen and normal window
  • Minimize to circle


The app support Emoji to make your text message nicer.


It supports different themes to make it just as you like it.


If you want encrypt your SMS you have to setup a passphrase from the settings page. The passphrase need to be configured the same between you and your friend.



It’s amazing to have such as advanced app for free.

The author give you the possibility to buy pro version that will give you additional features like backup SMS, transfer them to another device, change font and change chat head shape.


Here’s the link to download the app:

App Name


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2 comments on “Ninja SMS: An amazing chat heads like app for SMS

  1. kellie

    Do you know why I dont get any notification, whenever I’m receiving a text?
    Like nothing pops up and I have to go into the app it self to see the message.

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