Most useful voice commands to control your Android device

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Are you looking for a way to control your phone with your voice? Android voice recognition improved a lot in the recent past and it’s really enjoyable to use. Here’s the list of the most useful voice commands.

Let’s start by learning how to activate voice recognition. You can activate it by tapping on the following microphone icon:


As soon as you tap on microphone icon you can start talking.



The most common and simple voice command is to search on Google. Voice recognition is smart enough to understand simple question and try to answer.

Here I asked “How many people live in New York” and I got directly the answer without the search.


You can ask anything and check how it behave.

You can ask to do math operations (“251 divided 3“), currency conversions (“20 dollars in euro“) or to search the definition of a word.

I asked to “Define Android” and the answer surprised me a bit! :)


It can even detect if I’m listening to music:


I can ask it to identify a song I’m listening by saying “What’s the song“:


Set an Alarm

You can set an alarm by saying “Set an alarm for 30 minutes from now” or “Set an alarm for 7 am” and even set the label for the alarm like “Set an alarm for 7 am, label wake up


Create a calendar event

You can create a calendar event by saying “Create a calendar event : meeting with Paul 11 am


Show the map of a place

You can show the map of a place by saying something like “Map of Miami


Navigate to a place

You can get directions/navigate to go to a specific place by saying something like “Get directions to New York” or “Navigate to New York



Make a call

You can start a call by saying something like “Call 1234567890” or “Call Paul“. If you use a name it will search on your contacts list.


Send a Text Message

You can send a SMS by saying “Send text to Paul, where are you?“:



Send an email

You can send an email by saying “Send email to Paul subject meeting message where are you“:


Note to self

You can send a note to your Gmail account by saying “Note to self do that thing“:


Post to Google+/Twitter

You can post on Google+ by saying “Post to Google+ Hello World“. This works for Twitter (You need to have the app installed), but not for Facebook.



I think the voice recognition is mature enough to be used regularly.

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