Mini Tasker : Automate your Android device with custom actions

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How often do you have to repeat the same actions? You don’t need anymore thanks to this nice app : Mini Tasker

Mini Tasker is a simple app that let you setup actions based on conditions.

On my Galaxy Nexus I normally leave brightness to automatic and it’s fine in most of the cases, but not when I use it in the sun light. I really can’t read anything without setting it to maximum. What I want to do is to set brightness to maximum when I’m not at home.

The first step will be to tap on plus button to start a new task.


Now we need to choose what we want to do. In our case change Screen Brightness


…turn off Auto and choose 100%.


We now need to choose which condition will raise the task. We’ll choose Location


…and choose the area will raise the task by tapping on the map, select Inverse Condition (it will raise the task when we are outside that area) and tap on save button.


We have now setup the first task when we leave home.


We now need to setup a new task very similar, but with Inverse Condition off and Screen Brightess to Auto. This will change back brightess to auto when we are at home.

Here’s we have our tasks setup and ready. As you can see they are already enabled.



I’ll leave you to imagine what you can do with it.


UPDATE : It looks like you don’t need to setup the second condition because the app will restore the original state automatically! :)


Here’s the link to download the app:

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2 comments on “Mini Tasker : Automate your Android device with custom actions

  1. Anton

    just a quick fyi, you don’t need the second task, when you get back home (condition ends) it restores the value before the condition started.

    • megasoft78

      Hi Anton,
      thank you!
      I’ll fix the article! :)

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