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Today I’ll talk about something very popular on internet : Memes. Here’s an app that will let you create your own memes: Meme Generator

The app is very simple to use and let you create your memes in few seconds. When you start the app you can choose from a list of very popular memes or create your own by choosing a photo from your gallery. I think the easier way is to choose one of the existing one.


In my case I choose the very popular Batman slapping Robin. Do you know we talked for months about the name of the next Android version?

How often did you hear the name Key Lime Pie? Google surprised us with probably the last name I would’ve ever thought about : KitKat.

You just have to write the top and bottom message and choose for both the size of the text.


I choose normal for the top one and large for the bottom one.


We can now just tap on Share/Save and we can save on our Gallery or share directly with our friends.


If you save the meme you’ll see it when you choose Saved Memes. In that section you’ll see a button Combine Images.

It’s a coming app that will let you combine multiple memes together. It will be a very useful feature! :)


I think it’s really a funny app and you can create a lot of your memes using the large list of pre-existing meme pictures available.

Share your memes with us! :)


Here’s the link to download the app:

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