Lucky Casino : Let’s have some fun with a slot machine

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Are you looking to relax and play something easy and fun? Do you want to feel the thrill of winning a lot of money? Let’s try this nice game : Lucky Casino

Lucky Casino is the classic slot machine game with some mini games to make it more funnier.

The first time you open the game you’ll see the following screen:


At the begin you have some coins that you can spend to play the game. You can decide how much coins to spend using BET button (max 5 at the beginning) and how many different bet lines with LINES button (Max 10 lines at the beginning).


After you setup BET and LINES you can tap on SPIN to start playing the game.

If one of the selected bet lines appear on the slot machine you’ll win coins. You can either get the coins or try to win more with the spinning wheel game by tapping on the GAMBLE button.


You can see in the following screen how the spinning wheel can multiply the coins you win even by 100, but at the same time you can lose everything if you get a skull.


While you are playing you’ll increase the minigame meter. When the minigame meter is full you’ll be able to tap on PLAY MINIGAME in order explorer the available minigames.


There are 10 different minigames, but you need to earn GOLDBARS in order to play them. You can earn them by playing the game and increasing your level.


The first minigame you can play is FIND PAIR where you need to tap on 2 cards and if you find the same card you’ll earn some coins.


Every time you pass 3 levels you’ll get a bonus. You can choose between a new bet line, increase the max bet by 1, 3 GOLDBARS or 3000 coins.



The game is very simple, but at the same time very fun.



Here’s the link to download the game:

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