Luckiest Wheel : A nice quiz game to became millionaire

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Do you like quiz games? Are you good in guessing actors or proverbs?  Here’s a game that will keep you busy for a lot of time : Luckiest Wheel

Luckiest Wheel is a very simple game that will make you millionaire by spinning the wheel.

The main screen has 4 main buttons : Play, Score, About and Settings.

It also has 2 little buttons on the left to enable/disable music and sound effects and another one on the right to use your pocket change.

When you play the game you can earn pocket change that you can use in other games.


If you select Score you’ll just see your previous scores.


The About button will show you who did the game and the current version.


Selecting Settings you can choose the speed of the game, the difficulty, the language you want to use to play, if you want to enable the Pocket Change rewards and if you want to disable the ads (to do that you need to buy the paid version).


If you select to Play you need to choose how many players. They will play one after the other one on the same device.


When the game starts you need to spin a wheel and choose a letter. If the letter you choose exists in the answer you earn virtual coins (based on what you get from the wheel). If you already know the anwer you can tap on the lamp icon and write it. You have limited time and you need to avoid getting bankrupt on the wheel or you’ll lose the game.


It’s a really nice game and with over 6000 panels you can play it for a very long time. :)


Here’s the link to download the game:

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