LEDBlinker : Customize LED color for each app

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Do you want to customize the LED color of your Android device based on the app that raise the notification? Here’s an app for that : LEDBlinker

The LED is very useful to know when we receive a notification without have to turn screen on. It became even more useful if we can customize color for each app.

We can immediately see if we have a new text message or a missed call even without turning on the screen.

LEDBlinker comes with a simple user interface will let you configure LED color for each specific app.

The free version let you customize only some apps, but I think the main one are available (missed call, text message, etc.)

The first time you run the app all the custom led color are disabled. You can enable them by tapping on the LED button on each app.

You then need to choose a custom color by tapping on an existing one or select from the color selection. If your device doesn’t have a LED you can configure a Screen LED that will use your screen to show notification icons. If Screen LED is enable you can decide to show the app icon.


If you tap on 3 dots next to each app you can customize the behavior for each app.


You can access to Settings page using the menu at the top right side of the screen.


The Settings page includes several settings like enable Screen LED.


It a really useful app and it’s working perfectly on my Galaxy Nexus! :)


Here’s the link to download the app:

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