How to record your Android screen to create a screencast

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Are you looking for an app to record your Android screen? Do you want to record a screencast? Here’s how to do it with a very nice app and few tips.

Today I’ll explain how to record a screencast on your Android.

We’ll use SCR Screen Recorder, a very nice app available on the market.

It requires root permissions! Please don’t leave bad review to the app if your phone is not rooted!

App Name


The first time you run the app you’ll see the notification icon and a panel to control the app in transparency over the current app.

The panel will let you choose to start recording a video, to change settings or to close the app.


If you choose settings icon you’ll be able to setup few options about recording:

  • Audio to record audio using your device microphone. You can mute it.
  • Resolution to change how the video will be recorded. You need to balance the resolution and the frame rate based on your device speed.
  • Target frame rate to choose the frame rate
  • Hide notification icon to hide the red icon on the top right of the screen (only pro version).
  • Image transformation to choose if you want to use GPU, GPU+ (a new algorithm) or CPU to encode the video
  • Inverted color fix to want to invert colors
  • Video bitrate for video quality
  • Audio sampling rate for audio quality


The app will let you record max 3 minutes in the free version, but if you like you can buy the pro version that is unlimited.

If you start recording you’ll see just the red icon on the top right side.ScreenRecorderEng4


If you want to stop recording you can open the app again from the notification bar or just put the Android device in standby.

It will automatically show in notification bar the saved video as you can see from the following screenshot:ScreenRecorderEng5


I contacted the developer of this amazing app and he’s working to add new features like touch indicator.

The touch indicator is very important to show where you are tapping while you are recording a screencast.

Anyway if you are using Android 4.2 you can use one of the Developer options.

You need to open Settings, then About phone and you need to tap 7 times on Build number.

This will enable a new menu called Developer options.


You need to activate the Show touches option. DeveloperOptions2

The video generated will be rotated into landscape mode, because of the resolution. The app adds orientation metadata to the video that works on Android player and YouTube but is ignored by many players like VLC.

You can fix that by copying it to your PC and use some video editing tool like Movie Maker.

You need to connect your Android device to your PC by using an USB cable and look for the folder ScreenRecorder under sdcard.

You can copy the video to your PC and add it to Movie Maker like in the following screenshot:


The video will rotate automatically. You can also add caption, audio or music.


The final step will be to save your video. In my case I rendered it as 720p.


Here a video playing my puzzle game ( ! :)

Depending on your Android device you may need to reduce resolution or frame rate to make it work fast enough.

It’s still in beta, but it’s working pretty good in my experience.

I suggest you to try it! :)




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One comment on “How to record your Android screen to create a screencast

  1. Robert

    This is the app that works for me on a stock 4.3 (but rooted) N4. Tried several apps and ways (VNC server, java apps over adb, etc) – THIS ONE WORKS!

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