How to install custom boot animation

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Today I’ll explain how to install a custom boot animation. There are some really nice and funny! :)


Before to start please do a nandroid backup! I’m not responsible of any bootloop or damage to your device!

The procedure requires root permissions!


We need first to download a boot animation. I found this list with really nice one:

You can anyway search on Google for a boot animation. They are just a zip file named


The files in the suggested link are in a specific format for MIUI rom, but it’s very simple to use it for any other rom.

The file are with mtz format but they are just zip file and you can open them by renaming them to zip or using 7zip:

You have to extract all the files and copy file under boots folder into your sdcard.


You now need to install a file explorer. I’m going to use ES File Explorer File Manager:

App Name


You now need to give root permission. Open ES File Explorer File Manager and tap on the top left side of the screen.


Now tap on Tools


and turn On the Root Explorer option.


You are now ready to copy the from your sdcard into /data/local.

Just move to sdcard and long press on, now go to /data/local and paste there.

You can now reboot your phone and you’ll enjoy your new custom boot animation! :)

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