How to create a boot animation from any video

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Today I’ll explain how to create your custom boot animation using any video you like.

The first step is to have the video. I’ll be using a video from this Open Source Short Movie done with Blender:


You can use your own videos or download a video from YouTube.

We need now to download an Open Source app called ffmpeg:


If you are using Windows you can download the app directly from the following link:


As you can see you download an archive with 7z extension. It’s a special format used by another nice Open Source tool called 7zip.

You can download it here:


You can now use 7zip to extract the ffmpeg into a specific folder. I will extract on C:\ffmpeg.

We need now to open command line. Click on Start button, then Execute and type cmd and press Enter.

You need now to move to the folder where you extracted ffmpeg and type the following command:

ffmpeg.exe -i c:\Caminandes.mp4 -r 8 -ss 00:00:30.000 -t 25 Caminandes-%3d.jpg

Let’s explain the parameters:

  1. -i c:\Caminandes.mp4 is the source video to convert
  2. -r 8 is the number of frames per second (8 should be fine)
  3. -ss 00:00:30.000 is because I want to convert the video starting from the 30th second.
  4. -t 25 is the time in seconds I want to convert (25 seconds)
  5. Caminandes-%3d.jpg is the format of the image sequence. It will create images like Caminandes-001.jpgCaminandes-002.jpgCaminandes-003.jpg, etc.


You need to change parameters based on what you are going to convert.

Here’s the output of the command line.


After the process finish the images will be in C:\ffmpeg\bin.

You need now to resize all the images based on your Android device resolution.

To detect it you can go to the following link using your Android device:

It will show something like this:


Now we need to resize the jpeg frames to the Android device resolution. In my case I have a Galaxy Nexus and the width is 720px.

We can use any tool we like to resize all the images, but I use the following one:


You just drag all the images into the tool and choose mode Width (Keep proportions) and type your Android device width.

You now choose where you want to store the resized images and click on the top middle button to convert all of them.

The format of the images need to be JPG.


We need to setup a folder like in the following screenshot. We have 2 subfolders called part0 and part1. We also have a text file called desc.txt.


We need to select one of the resized images and Right Click => Properties. It depends on the video we had converted we maybe have different height.

In my case I have 405px height and 720px width.


It’s time to write the desc.txt text file like in the following screenshot.

The first line have 720 (width), 405 (height) and 8 (frame per seconds). These parameters depends on what we choose previously.

The other 2 lines can be copied the same.


We need to copy all the images we resized except the last frame into part0 folder and the last frame in part1 folder.

We compress everything into a zip archive.

Let’s select part0, part1 and desc.txt and Right Click => 7-zip => Add to archive.



We need to use zip as Archive format and Store as Compression level or the bootanimation will not work!


We copy the file into our phone storage and use the following guide to install it:


Here’s you can download the I created:


Here’s a video of the result. I’m sorry for the poor quality but I just have this camera at the moment! :(


Enjoy your custom boot animation! :)

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2 comments on “How to create a boot animation from any video

  1. Watcher

    After all of that well thought out, step by step instruction guide, you didn’t include an actual video of it on the device’s boot up! That omission kind of defeats the purpose of this guide, don’t you think?

    • megasoft78

      You are right!
      I actually have just a Galaxy Nexus and I can’t record the boot without another device.
      I have an old camera but the quality of the video will be very poor.
      I’ll try it anyway! :)
      Thank you for the suggestion!

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