How to convert and optimize HD videos for your Android device

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Today I’ll show you how to make your HD videos play smoothly on your Android device.

Depending on the device you own, you may have already noticed some lags when you play HD videos.

It could be dependent on the speed of your GPU or because you are playing a video at an extremely high resolution for your device. Let’s fix it!

The first step is to detect your device resolution.

You can just go to the following link using your Android device:

It will show something like this:


Now that we know the screen resolution we’ll optimize our videos for that resolution.

This make sense only if you have a video with a resolution greater than the device one.

I’m my case I’ll optimize the following open source movie from 1920×800 (1080p) to my resolution 1280×720:


To do that I’ll use an open source video transcoder called HandBrake:


The tool is available for the most common operative systems (Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu). You download and install it on your PC.

To convert the video you just have to configure few parameters:

  • Select Source then Open File and select the video you want to convert
  • Select Android on the right panel (Presets). You have to double click on it.
  • Select Destination where you want to store the converted video
  • Change Width to be the same of your device and flag Keep Aspect Ratio. It will automatically calculate height to keep the right proportion.
  • Change Anamorphic to be none. It will avoid to stretch the video.


When you are ready to go you just need to click on Start. It depends on your computer speed could take some time to convert the video.

You can also click on Add to Queue if you like to convert multiple videos.

You can copy the final result to your Android device using an USB cable.

Now you can enjoy your HD videos at the best resolution without issues!

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