How to change lockring of your Android device

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Today I’ll explain how to change your lockring with a custom one following just a few simple steps.

Before to start please do a nandroid backup! I’m not responsible of any bootloop or damage to your device!

The procedure requires root permissions!


I tested this procedure using a Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.3.


The first step is to detect your device DPI. We can do it by using this simple app:

App Name


You just need to open the app and check your dpi (ldpi,mdpi,hdpi,xhdpi):


Now we need to download a custom lockring or create our own. As I’m not very good with graphics I’ll download it! :)

Here’s a nice collection of lockrings:


You now download the zip file of the lockring you like and extract it into your sdcard. You need to copy just the 2 files under the folder framework-res/res/drawable-xhdpi or framework-res/res/drawable-hdpi based on your dpi (for a lower dpi you may need to resize the image).

It’s now time to install an amazing app called NinjaMorph:

App Name


The first time you open the app it will start a series of checks and ask you for root permissions.

You can now tap on New Project


…and select framework-res.apk under path /system/framework


It will take sometime to extract the apk file (it’s just a zip file) and you can now replace files in this apk. You need to go to the right path based on your DPI detected before.

In my case the dpi is xhdpi and I have to go to res/drawable-xhdpi and replace images ic_lockscreen_handle_normal.png and ic_lockscreen_handle_pressed.png.

You just tap on the image and then select the new image you copied to your sd card. Just do the same for both images.


Now tap on back button until you are back to the main screen and tap on Finishing Project then select the workspace you were working on framework-resapk.
It will process all the files to re-pack the apk file with the new lockring images.

You now need to confirm to override framework-res.apk by tapping Yes.

It will ask if you want to ZipAlign. Tap on No to avoid issues and it will reboot your device.

Here’s another nice lockring:



Update :

I recently create my custom lockring about Kit Kat! :)

Right click => Save image and follow the previous procedure:


Here’s how it looks:



I did another one for Halloween!

Right click => Save image and follow the previous procedure:


Here’s how it looks:



Enjoy your new lockring! :)


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2 comments on “How to change lockring of your Android device

  1. Sachin

    Do I need to be rooted?

    • megasoft78

      Yes, you need rooted device.

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