Font Installer : Change default font to your Android device

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Would you like to customize your Android UI by changing the default font? Here’s the app to do that : Font Installer

Font Installer is a nice tool to change your default font. It has hundred fonts available to download and use.

Unfortunately it requires Root permissions to work. You can search on Google for a guide on how to root your device.

Warning: Changing fonts modifies your system files. You should always have a current backup in recovery and know how to restore your device back to stock.


The app itself is very simple. It has a main screen with 3 tabs.

The first one allow you to install font from your internal storage or SD card if you already downloaded a font.


The second tap is a lot more useful because it let you download the font from a list. The first time you open the app it will require some time to load all the fonts available. You can see fonts changing with a preview of the font itself. Don’t try to install before it fully load or the app will crash.


If you tap on the font you want to install, it will pop up a menu where you can choose to Preview, Install, Send, Favorite


If you choose Preview you’ll see how the font will look like.


The top right button will let you Unlock features (pro version), Backup/Restore current font, choose Preferences.


If you choose Install it will download the font file and install it


It will ask you root permissions and to reboot the OS (Required to take effect).


After the reboot you’ll see the font used in the entire OS.

Here’s a video demostration:


Here’s the link to download the app:

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