Focal : A fully featured camera app

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Are you looking for a fully featured camera app to replace the default one? Here’s a nice Open Source project that aim to create a camera app with all the important features : Focal

As we already know most of the cooler ideas on Android comes from the XDA forum where developers around the word try to impress each other with their programming skills.

Focal is implemented by a recognized XDA developer. If you want to look at the thread you can check the following link:


The app have a lot of features and even if still in Beta it looks really stable on my Galaxy Nexus.

You can tap at the bottom icon to take a picture/video or if you tap and swipe up you can change mode.

The modes available from the left are:

  • Photo supporting many features like burst mode, timer mode, scene mode, shutter speed (Sony devices)
  • Panorama not working completely yet.
  • Video supporting many features like burst mode, timer mode, scene mode, shutter speed (Sony devices)
  • PicSphere the open source alternative to PhotoSphere, to do 360° sphere shots
  • Facing to switch to front camera


If you slide from the left you’ll see all the available options you can configure.


If you like to see the pictures/videos you can swipe from the top and you’ll see a preview.


This app is not yet mature to be used on a daily base, but it’s good enough to start play with it.


Here’s the link to download the app:

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