Floating Touch : Control your Android device with a chat heads like UI

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Are you looking for the fastest way to access to any apps, games or settings? Do you know chat heads? Here an app with a similar idea : Floating Touch

Floating Touch is a nice app utility that will bring into your Android device the power of a chat heads-like UI and a very smart way to access to any apps or settings.

When the app start you will see just a very small circle. You can move it where you want on the screen and it’s always visible.


If you tap on it the fun begins! It will display a bigger circle with some predefined settings. You can clear the memory using the icon on the left, lock the screen with the top one, access to the common settings with the right one and move to home with the bottom one.

If we tap on the icon in the middle of the circle you’ll be able to configure which apps and settings you want in there.


The following screenshot show you the 3 different tab you can use to configure it. The Panel tab will let you decide the color of the bigger circle.


The Custom tab will let you decide which settings/apps you want to have in there. You can tap on any of them and replace with a different one, or you can long tap to remove it.


When you add or replace you can choose an action or an app as you can see in the following screenshots.



The Point tab will let you decide which small circle you prefer, the size and the alpha.



Some feature like create folders or customize the cursor with a custom image are only available in the pro version.

Anyway the features available in the free version are more than enough to enjoy this amazing tool.


Here the link to download the app:

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