Flayvr : A completely new way to see your photos and videos

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How often do you see your photos and videos, but you can’t remember where and when they were taken? Is your gallery confusing and unorganized? Here’s a nice photo gallery that will automatically create photo and video albums for you : Flayvr.

As you may already know, the default Android gallery is very poor and it doesn’t show your photos in an easy and nice way.

There are a lot of custom gallery apps on the market, but this one is really nice.

The first time you open it will load slowly because it needs to organize your photos and videos by date and assign the location (if it is detected). As soon as it finish you’ll see a very nice gallery with photos split into albums. Here’s an example:


Once you have selected the album you want to see, a new layout will bring to you all the photos with different effects to really enjoy the moments of your life.


You can edit title and location of each photo by tapping on the pencil icon.

You can even change the album to include more photos or remove some of them.


In a recent update the app includes some new amazing features:

  • Notifications when album is created. This feature can be turned on/off.
  • You can share your albums with your friends if they have Flayvr installed.
  • Improved auto-titles of the albums based on your calendar.

I like a lot the notifications feature because it so nicely integrated into Android OS and makes really your moment so unique!

Here’s a screenshot:



This gallery app is really able to change the way you experience your photos and videos.

I suggest to try it and let’s us know!


Here’s the link to download the app:

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