Fifteen Puzzle X : Old style puzzle game with realistic themes

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Today I’ll do shameless self promotion and review my puzzle game : Fifteen Puzzle X

I remember when I was a child and a very popular game was this plastic game where you had to reorder numbered square tiles by sliding them.

My game is just a reproduction of it. I always play this game and I liked the idea of getting something similar on my Android.

I also like to play a bit with an Open Source 3d modelling tool called Blender and I decided my game will have realistic themes.

The main screen have wooden style with 3 buttons to play the game, to see a quick video on how to play and the leaderboards.


If you choose to play you’ll have to select the puzzle type (Numbers, LettersRoman numerals or Image), puzzle size (4×4, 5×5, 6×6) and puzzle theme (Wood, Marble, Plastic)


As you tap on play the game will start. The target of the game is to reorder this tiles from left to right and from top to bottom with the less possible moves and as fast as you can.

At the top left side of the screen you can see the time elapsed and the number of moves.

Depending on the puzzle type you choose, you have to order them by numbers, letters or roman numbers. If you choose Image you have to order them based on the image content (think of it as a puzzle).


There are 2 buttons at the top right side of the screen to open menu options and to enable/disable sound.

The menu options let you change theme, use swipe only to move tiles (by default you can swipe or tap on tile) and exit the game.



Here’s a screenshot of the game with Marble theme.





Here’s the Plastic theme.




I obviously enjoy playing my game, but I think you should try it as well if you liked the original plastic game when you were a child! :)


Here’s the link to download the game:

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