EZ Weather : A clean and beautiful weather widget

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Are you looking for a simple, clean and beautiful weather widget for you home screen? Try out this one : EZ Weather

A lot of weather widget are out there but not all of them are really simple and beautiful like this one.

The first time you run the app you’ll see the following screen to configure just few things.

You can configure where you are or leaves the app to detect your location automatically.


You can decide if you want to see 7 days weather or just 24 hours:


and you can even see additional details like visibility, pressure, dew point and UV.


Tapping on the top right menu you’ll see the available options.EZWeather4x

If you select Settings you’ll be able to configure few things like unit, location, theme, etc.


After you finish to configure all the settings you can add the widget to your home screen by long tapping on an empty space of your home screen and select widget (for Android before 4.0) or using app drawer and selecting widgets tab (for Android 4.0 or above).

Here the available widgets for this app:    EZWeather6

When you finish drag the widget to your home screen it will popups a window to choose the style/format you like.

You can choose to have clock and weather or forecast.

EZWeather7 EZWeather8x


Here how it looks the widget on my home screen.


I think it’s a nice widget and because it’s simple and clean it will fit on any kind of home screen.


Here the link to download the widget:

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