Dots & Circles : A nice free dots like game

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Did you ever play games where you need to remove dots of the same color by connecting them? Here’s a nice one with some variation: Dots & Circles

Dots & Circles is a nice variant of a dots like game.

The main screen come with a Play Now button and some hidden menus you can see by tapping on Menu:


The hidden menus hold the possibility to use themes, show the high scores and trophies, to turn sound off or to give feedback to the author:


The themes are really nice because they let you decide which symbols you’ll use during the game.

The default theme is simple with just circles, but there are many sophisticated ones in there.

To use the themes you need to do some actions within the game. Some themes can be unlocked by rating the game on Google Play, but in other cases you need to actually play the game and earn enough circles.


If you select Play Now the game will start and you can connect each circle with the ones on their sides if they are of the same color. Every time you connect circles you earn score, but you need to be fast because the time is limited.


If you connect 4 circles as a square you’ll earn time that will help you get better scores. At the bottom you have 3 different hints you can use.

The first one is to get some extra time, the second one to remove one circle and the third one to remove all the circles of the same color.


Here how you can select the circle when you use the second or the third hint.


It’s a simple game, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing it.


Here’s the link to download the game:

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